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  • Hey folks - been hearing about FI alot over the past few months. Mostly when down the pub watching my £10 wonder-retirement acca beaten by the early kick-off.

    Why not invest that money in player shares some bloke said...showed me his 'portfolio' told me about a few young players he hopes will break into the bigger leagues

    Flip I'm hooked - for a week solid I've been reading blogs, listening to podcasts - browsing on the forums -plenty of friendly folks around have to say

    Added a few players to the portfolio over the weekend there and just taking it slow and testing the water.

    Here's the question - based on the new PB matrix, does anyone see a risk taking a splurge on N'golo Kantè? Hes an odd goal in him, likes a tackle, interceptions, Carries the ball well enough. I guess the question is does he slot in beside jorginho in Lampard's system?

    Hes currently 90p and looking back a year he was roughly the same so hes had no growth despite being imo one of the best in his position. I was just hoping a more experienced head could offer an opinion as to why hes not a decent shout? Hes due to play for france in the euros, age is against him granted at 29/28ish off the top of my head, but compared to similar midfielders I think hes undervalued by at least 30p

    But then I'm just in the door lol

    Advice appreciated

    Cheers folks

  • @SteveFate83
    Firstly welcome to FI.
    I'll try to give you a balance view on Kante.
    Cons - from a PB perspective he is up against Jorginho, Kovacic, Mount, Barkley, Pulisic and Loftus-Cheek in his own team. Jorginho takes pens and has a very high PB baseline whilst the others have a far bigger goal threat. It's incredibly difficult for Kante to outscore his own team-mates let alone all the other midfielders on any given game day.
    Pros - a PB win isn't impossible he just needs a lot to fall right. He has the Euros and France will be one of the favourites. Far les competition for PB during Euros due to fewer games on any day, plus Media potential as an EPL player if France go far. Could add in some possible transfer media in the next year or 2.

  • @SteveFate83 welcome buddy I’ve been here just over two months and hooked big time (not sure that a good thing but hey-ho)

    I hold Kante for for EPL PB but it preparation for the Euros as an English based french player should get some decent media when the french do well, a chance for PB in there midfield.

    I have a mixed port so fairly low risk for in early before others start grabbing their euro players.

    So I guess in short in a mixed port not a bad choice but if it’s all eggs in the basket probably not.

  • Thanks guys appreciate the replies. Theres alot to take into consideration

  • Been here year or so, at moment market driven by euro players going to euros and players expecting play later stages euro competitions.

  • @NewUser221544

    Yes I've seen plenty of folks buying now for euros by dumping some of their bundesliga holds due to the winter break coming up

    Also seeing people saying they will buy before the euros start.

    As I'm just starting I've thrown only around 100 into my portfolio just to see what worked and what didn't.

  • @SteveFate83

    Hes probably the go-to example of an inexperienced traders first buy. Top drawer 'real world' player but just not a big threat for divs.

    I reckon 99% of us on day 1 of trading will have looked at him and his price by comparison to let's say, james maddison, and thought fuck me what a steal, but as you get a real understanding of divs and the market, you will understand why there is such a difference.

    However, with the new and improved mb, hes the type of cheap punt that will probably get a good media run at some stage when something happens around him and if you hold at that stage you're gonna see a really good rise. Personally though I wouldnt tie money up in him, but I'll dive in and out when he does have a big media event

  • Kante probably won't lose you money but there's little hope of him making you much either. A good player but not one who is rewarded on FI.

  • Thanks guys it makes perfect sense what your saying

    My logic was - is he really that different to veratti both have the odd goal in them, both like a tackle both similarly aged, both playing in teams quite dominant

    Veratti is currently around the 1.67 mark, guess he probably sees more of the ball, more goes thru him than kante who will probably just break up the play and feed jorginho

    It really is a newbie perspective haha

    As I get a feel and get more confident I wont be afraid to invest in the real quality players who are very expensive but giving back divs. Might take a screenshot now and then in say 6 months and hopefully see an improvement (hopefully lol)

  • @SteveFate83 The other big difference is Verratti plays in a completely dominant team in the weakest of the 5 PB leagues. They dominate possession against most sides which helps rack up the PB scores.

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