How low can Mo Salah Go

  • Mo has been falling week after for circa 3 months now from over £5 to his current £4.22 and his Instant sell price of £3.92 would suggest there are quite a few shares in the queue.

    His positives are a possible 1st title for Liverpool and another champions league challenge which should produce MB and Gold PB chances in the latter rounds of the champions league.

    His negatives are that he now shares more of the limelight with Sadio Mane and he obviously has no Euro’s.

    Therefore what do you think is more likely £3.50 or £5.00.

    I currently have just 300 shares left as sold 700 hundred over a month ago but not sure what to do with these.

    Currently I am thinking sell as I do believe without PB win in the next month or so it could be £3.50

  • @Fletch hes a difficult one. His price is very tempting and i was close to buying 200 today but hes not in the media as much as he used to be or atleast it feels like that as a non holder.

    I decided to opt for Rashford at a penny cheaper just because he looked better for England recently than he has for united so my hope is takes that form with him back to united (cant believe i just said that) and if he doesnt atleast he should make the Euros.

  • @Black-wolf as a united and rashford fan all I can say is he looks better out wide playing with Martial thru the middle

    Good luck :)

  • Mane playing just as well and euro’s are the 2 big factors driving his price down.

  • @Tom77 said in How low can Mo Salah Go:

    Mane playing just as well and euro’s are the 2 big factors driving his price down.

    Mane is another funny one. He has had spells of MB and PB yet he just never strikes me as an appealing FI hold and i have no idea why. Hes always on my list of players to buy but i never do

  • I'm gonna give him until the end of this season, I have a feeling he may move on???

    If not, i'll sell him at a loss. Got 100 of him and am around £50 down on him at the moment.

  • As long as Salah keeps returning not much, and PB players around him Kroos, Depay, Kimmich, Maddison, Werner etc keep scoring well he'll keep dropping. Plus all the players I've mentioned around his price range all have the Euro's too!

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