New "fun" portfolio strategy

  • @MickTurbo said in New "fun" portfolio strategy:

    Tempting to say kimmich KDB neymar but I suspect you could pick them yourself so for your bench I'll say

    Pavard (could easily go in your youth team)

    Youth team

    Ghiglione (see that twitter bronze day thing u posted)

    I own Kimmich and @Staggz88 also suggested him so it looks like he has earned a place on the bench. KDB is a possibility but Neymar doesn't qualify for the bench unfortunately (non-European international). Neymar could only go into the first team, but at the expense of Messi. And I hate Neymar so his chances are remote πŸ˜‚.

    Depay is not a bad shout. Gundogan I don't really find appealing (competing with Kroos when playing for Germany, and not really a stand out for City is he? KDB much better option as you say) Don't know too much about Pavard so I'll have to research that one πŸ‘

  • @ScouseSte I rate pavard as a hold. The big question mark over him is that bayern often use him as a CB which is obviously a negative of itself, but from a purely footballing perspective he is a better right back anyway. France use him at right back, he is 3 years younger than lucas Digne and ok, not as big a PB threat but mainly cos he doesnt take set pieces, but he cant half strike a ball. Didnt he get goal of the tournament in the last world cup for that outside of the boot volley?

    Therefore I wouldnt be suprised to see him get the odd free kick, may even take them all if he gets a move elsewhere. Ok that's a bit pie in the sky but I do expect him to reach parity price wise with Digne by the euros

  • @MickTurbo ah just looked into Pavard - same team/category as Kimmich so he is a no-no (initially) πŸ‘

  • @Carboney said in New "fun" portfolio strategy:

    Cancelo European football and euros
    Jorginho same as above

    Jorginho is not a bad shout mate, improved a lot lately hasn't he? Hmm πŸ‘

  • @ScouseSte cheaper option in the same team is Kovacic who also ticks all your boxes

  • @ScouseSte yeh bit difficult to argue with that mate, I hold both. I recently swapped my Dignes for Pavards because I'd had a good rise out of the former and felt the latter offered better long term value at that stage. Got on at 99p just before a decent rise but will continue to hold him as my france defender for the euros.

    If he was to get a move I think he would be an exceptional hold at a team who used him as a full back

  • @Carboney true but I'm aware Jorginho has won PB divs twice I think recently.

  • @MickTurbo

    I suppose that's another, finer detail regarding Euro 2020 criteria - must be in a team that will potentially go far in the competition (ie. Not Scottish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry! ! *if they qualify)

  • Kovacic has recently won aswell so definitely not beyond him and I think personally he’s progressing really well under lampard but u could also say that about a lot of there players to be fair

  • @Carboney yea it's food for thought mate nice one

  • @ScouseSte yeh I've said before that come the euros I want to hold a def/mid/fwd from england, portugal, spain, france, belgium, holland, germany, italy. Everything I do on here at present is motivated to achieving that.

    They must also be good PB holds in PB leagues or at least transfer spec for a PB league

  • @MickTurbo love it.

    I've looked at this weekend's fixtures and my "first team" are all playing on the Saturday.
    It's fun this already 😁😁

  • Bench..........Chilwell......Pogba.......Werner

  • @Mad4it said in New "fun" portfolio strategy:


    Chilwell is a definite "definite", good shout.
    I can't add Pogba or Werner because I have owned both before and I'd never go back with an ex πŸ˜‚.

    I don't know much about your Youth Team suggestions except Tomori so I'll look into them nice one πŸ‘

  • TAA


    Fabian Ruiz/Arthur
    Struggling for a forward,

  • Like the idea. Id suggest changing your first team to incorporate a better bench with your set criteria of being cheaper than the first team

    DEF: Trent Alexander-Arnold
    MID: KDB
    FWD: Neymar

    DEF: Joshua Kimmich
    MID: kroos
    FWD: Messi

    DEF: Hakimi
    MID: Havertz
    FWD: Isak

  • @ChazFI123 said in New "fun" portfolio strategy:



    Fabian Ruiz/Arthur
    Struggling for a forward,

    That "Bench" looks decent mate. A definitely maybe there 😁.

    I'm stumped for FWDs in the youth team particularly myself!

  • @ScouseSte the youth is definitely the hardest cause they’re such an overhyped group. If you’re over 17 and look like you’re gonna be a decent player you’re basically Β£1.50+ instantly

  • @Black-wolf

    I like your selections but the first team is all about potential to win divs first and foremost - if the bench is more expensive that's fine. It's not strict that they have to be cheaper.

    The other thing is, I am going to promote and demote players to/from the first team based on performances. Nobody will be sold whilst in the First Team but if players don't perform after a few weeks/months on the bench then THEY'RE OUT! ! πŸ˜„

    (The things you do on a non-matchday! Sad bastard I know πŸ˜‚)

  • @ScouseSte ok stick neymar and KDB on the bench then and Kroos and Messi back in the first team. I see a lot are struggling for youth forwards. How about some of these:

    Isak(already mentioned)
    Moise kean

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