Golovin only played 31 minutes!!

  • So Golovin is one of the biggest price deceases of the day after posting a PB score of 103 after just 31 minutes on the pitch, no goal or assist.

    The drop seems so unjustifiable, that i thought considering he is a PB hold that traders might have sold him after not doing the research and making the assumption he posted 103 pts after a full 90 minutes?

    I can't think of any other reason for that drop. 103 points in 31 mins no goal contribution, not far of Kroos numbers.

    I would understand a 3p drop but to be the second biggest drop of the last 24 hours? Madness.

    But Kimmich is the 3rd biggest drop, despite having by far the highest PB average of any defender on the index (much better than Trents) and has just been unlucky with timing, so i guess you can't expect patience or reason on here no more!

    Sorry if this comes across as a rant, just wanted to point some things out in case they had been missed.

  • People lumping on Spurs players probably looked at most recent games and made the above assumption based on his score I presume. There will always be a victim of FOMO. I'm going to take advantage of price drop and add more Golovin.

  • @Aquarius people moving money to get on the Spurs car crash mate I suspect my non spurs players taken a hit today but they’ll bounce back

  • I’ve had my biggest single day drop since I’ve been on here , I currently have 8 out of the 10 biggest decreasing players from the top 200 list not overly bothered as I’m happy with all of them as holds but still a shock to see such a drop

  • Maybe they only held him for the Russia games? Monaco are pretty terrible atm, I don't see him winning PB much at all cause they just can't win games.

  • He’s a quality player and will shoot back up the next time he wins PB. Averaging a PB win a month so far this season. People selling him after not playing one game are the people funding the next div increase for us all so I’m not complaining. Also possibly some people taking profit, he has rocketed up the last few weeks.


  • @BradD He won top mid on a gold day in his last match for Monaco 10 days ago...

  • if only i had bought more when i got him at 41p ahh hindsight

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