Axel Tuanzebe

  • Hi guys, I’m strongly considering buying some shares in Axel Tuanzebe. He’s £1.10 and just returned to training today. He was in the first team before injury and a price of £1.35.
    I’m just thinking he could replicate Tomori if he has a run of games and does well could be a £1.50+ player. Also outside possibility of gate crashing the England squad for the euros.

    What do people think? I’m about 80% convinced to buy him. Cheers guys

  • Im a holder, i believe he will get called up to the England squad in the next 12 months, if he hadn't suffered an injury he might have been looked at in the last 2 weeks.

    With regards Man United, he appears to be able to play either at Centre back or out on the Left which should mean he will feature fairly regularly even before establishing himself as one of the CB's.

  • I like Tuanzebe and definitely think he has a pretty bright future, only thing I would say is as it stands centre backs aren’t very valuable on FI but I’m sure his price would go up with an England call up cause that would make people buy him for some reason! I’d probably try find an attacking full back for £1+ rather than a centre back

  • @Advinculas-Index cheers for your opinion. I think I’m going to jump on haha

  • @ChazFI123 cheers for your opinion mate. I’ll have a browse at a couple attacking full backs similar price range and then weigh up. Cheers

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