Thomas muller

  • Who here thinks Jose mourinho we have a bidding war with Man U for Thomas muller

    I can see the millions wasted from a mile away
    300000-400000 wages a week

  • Nope, never going to happen, how many shares in Muller do you hold by the way?

  • @Millerman-again do people still genuinely think Utd wants to buy Muller/Muller wants to go to Utd? This guy must either still be living in 2012 or is desperate to sell his Muller holds

  • I don't know a lot about Ze German footballsssss. But what I do know is Muller runs the dressing room, he's the daddy, kingpin...the last gaffer thought 'i'll show you' dropped him for a couple of games, got sacked.

    Muller back in the team, he's a legand at the club and is bigger than any gaffer who takes over at the club. He won't leave the club - I'm guessing the only chance of another spike for Muller will be if he hits a hat-trick this season.

    Save this post - then in 2 months time when he joines TottinHAM I can look a prick.

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