Market sell

  • I thought I understood market sell well but I have a question......
    I owed 150 in guilbert which I have been topping up over the past couple of months to an average of 36p per share. I decided to market sell (as he wasn't doing much) with his price at 40 p per share so effectively just 4 p profit. I sold 100, im now left with 50 but it says I now have 50 shares left with a price of 40 p per share. Surely the price should still be 36p per share that I paid??? I hope that make sense.

  • @AndydfopT If you had 150 at an average price of 36p, I would guess you've bought some below that price and some above.
    When you sell it's the first 100 that you sold so you are left with the last 50 you bought and the 40p is the average price of that 50.

  • @janner73 thanks mate, makes perfect sense

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