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  • Hey Guys

    Here are the players currently in my portfolio, like to hear your views on who should be added and who should be sold:

    Eden Hazard
    David Silva
    Stuani (tonight only)
    Espinosa (tonight only)

  • @AndyP32 this is so subjective mate everyone will give you a different view. For me I'm not at a fan of messi on the index I think he is currently overvalued. I would also say sane falls heavily in the amazing football not amazing index footballer category so if cash out there.

  • @AndyP32 that is a great portfolio! Imo may be get rid of higuan and get Douglas Costa and Morata.. Both juve n Chelsea got easier games through the season and look like a bargain now.. You can add many more but your portfolio is almost perfect

  • Great portfolio but I would suggest at least a couple sub £1 players some big profits to be had, am sitting on 250 zivkovic and he's gone up 30p in 2 days nice little +£60 and still plenty more to go. Plenty these type players😁

  • @GODOFF add a few Monaco and Girona players if you would like so.. Great chances of PB on odd day games

  • @Noirx4 that's the dilemma i hear a lot....good footballers or good Index footballers !!

  • I've got Neymar, kane, salah, sane. sold hazard and Coutinho because of going to spain and no MB. The rest of the players it is because they play in foreign league so won't buy because of no MB and too old in some cases. I only buy players 28 or younger.

  • Solid portfolio

    Neymar, Messi, Salah, Kane, Ronaldo the dividend kings and you hold them all

    Hazard, Griezmann also very good

  • Nice portfolio

    Maybe ... Bale for return to PL, Rashford & Lingard for WC & beyond, Alba & Willian on form, Parejo, & Aspas & Banega as PB mainstays, Kolarov & Koulibaly for def PB going forwards, de Beek & de Jong & Neres & Jahanb for potential on stats +

    Bound to be loads more options of course!

  • @GODOFF Yeh i hear you about Monaco, they often seem to play on days with few fixtures.

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