PL International Hangovers

  • Anyone got any PL players this weekend they’re tipping for a big weekend post international week?
    Also interested to see if anyone thinks anyone to avoid after being away on international duty.

    I’m gonna go for Sadio Mane. Salah injured, so I reckon it could be his time in a bit more limelight to show how valuable he is to Liverpool. Palace at home, fancy him to get a goal or an assist at least

    Leicester look to have a good little run of fixtures over the next couple so their boys could be one to watch. Obviously the Spurs boys are gonna be under a new gaffer and potentially due a good performance or two

  • @Terrier it's at Palace, I personally disagree about Mane, think he benefits a lot from teams attention being on Salah. Wouldn't have known he was even playing against United if he didn't do that hand ball! Also think no Robertson won't help him either

  • @ChazFI123 Agreed...without Salah, oppositions attention will all be on Mane.

  • @ChazFI123 sorry you’re right Palace (a). Agree re: Robertson may be a hinderance to him but think Klopp will have his main men that are fit and available right up for this one.
    Personally I think the bloke who benefits most from Salah is TAA for similar reasons to you do about Mane, so I’m interested to see how he will go this weekend. But like I said think Klopp will have them at it this weekend

  • Time to invest in Big Shaq!

  • Jota should have scored but ronaldo stole his goal. I think/hope he could be coming into some form after injury.

    Salah is already injured so pressure is on Mane so stay fit, could be dangerous. Without those 2 Liverpool look very light up top.

  • Salah and Robertson both train today!

  • I've recently been pumping divs into Ayoze Perez (£1.07) as I've been looking for more forward options for my port. He's a quality player who seems to have been left behind in the market while other Leicester players have risen. Plenty of goals in him and the odd stand out performance.
    Cons are he's competing with Vardy for forward PB and he's not rotation proof, but I'm happy to hold for a long time and wait for him to come into a more prominent role, and I'm hoping for Leicester to make top 4 for Champions League next season.

    Wilfried Zaha (£2.02) I bought a few weeks ago with the expectation that Media Buzz will pick up around him again as he once again tries to get a move to a bigger club. He's up 10p currently and I'd expect the odd goal at least before IPD period is up.

    Dwight McNeil (£1.86) a hold for the future who I'm expecting big things from, but he's also a prominent first team player for Burnley. I don't like buying premium youth picks who are £2-3 and never even get a game, so was pleased to see he's still relatively cheap. Currently 10p up since purchase and steadily rising.

    It's hard to find value in the PL with the premium you pay on players. I hold Kane, De Bruyne, Sterling etc who do the business regularly so I'm hoping for more of the same from my big guys.

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