Ilkay gundogan price drop????

  • Anyone know anything I cant see anything in news about him 7p drop maybe probably for ipo tomorrow???

    5 pb & 4 star player ( 1 was Feb time).

    So capable div returnees, time to top up

    I hold 35 so not a giant pump more curious

  • Two not great scores for Germany PB wise, so people have moved him on to try put money into Kane etc. A big score for City and he'll fly straight back up!

  • I don't understand it. He's a key player for City at the moment and has been banging in very good PB scores this season. Obviously there is lots of midfield-PB competition in that City side, but I still think he's likely to win PB at least a couple of times this season. Then he has Euro 2020 fixtures with Germany in the Summer.

    Anyway I bought him as a long term PB hold and will continue to ride out the dips.

  • A big victim of the Spuds FOMO factor I’m happy to ride this dip as I bought him for div returns and not short term CA

  • I understand it perfectly, since the end of September he's gone up over 100% and alot of people's exit point would have been over the international break.

    I hold and believe he can go past £2 comfortably this season but you have to expect people to take thier profits at some stage. I wouldn't worry about the dip as if he keeps putting in the PB scores he will go back up

  • @DW I think Gundagon is a great example of backing your opinion on a player, I firmly believe he’ll win PB and will end up as a £2+ player, if he has a few drops along the way I still back my opinion, unless he drops cause he goes to China haha!

  • Over-reaction to his low (but not bad) scores for Germany where Kroos takes all playmaking duties from him and he pretty much just screens the defensive line.

    Back at City he will spend more time in the opposition half (maybe not v Chelsea) and continue where he left off with his impressive PB scoring.

  • Rodri just come off injured on his return so Gundogan should get another rise

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