Bale the new media king?

  • Can see this Madrid drama lasting a long time.

  • I doubt it, sorry

  • Nope. Don't get carried away after one win. I held throughout summer expecting big wins. Got a few but nowhere near as many as I wanted. That was with 5 places each day. I can't imagine there are that many treble media days coming up either what with the huge amount of fixtures coming up.

  • Few pennies over the next week or so I reckon, and depending what happens with Media in January (I'm predicting some kind of media boost), he will definitely be lurking around that Top 3.

    There will be some media dividends up for grabs, but far from 'Media King'. A solid hold for now though at this price and one of the big stars at the Euros.

  • @TomIrving solid hold is misleading I reckon. He remains a risky hold. There is still a very significant risk he goes to china which would instantly wipe his value in half. He has never ruled it out, and apart from Wales hasn't shown much enthusiasm for football in general. I know this cos I held him until 6 weeks looking for any sign that his heart was still in club football. I couldn't see so reluctantly sold. He may turn to gold, he may turn out as shit. One thing for certain is that he isn't solid

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor won’t go to China no chance

  • @NewUser309532 why no chance? Have you got a source of info I haven't seen?

  • I doubt theres ever gonna be a media king again. Imagine if PB opened up to all the rest of europe, Asia, the Americas.

    Messi's pb value would be adversely affected by somebody like Carlos Vela. This is effectively what has happened to any MB king

  • @MickTurbo said in Bale the new media king?:

    I doubt theres ever gonna be a media king again


    He might become the Media President, but that's as high anyone can go now. Trump level. Ha!

  • Very risky hold IMO. He'll go where the money is at this point in his career. Chinese will offer massive cash and there's decent golf courses there.

    If he was going back to England then he would have done over the summer. No-one was interested nor could anyone afford the wages.

  • The blokes got talent but an ego to match he’s never taking a pay cut from his 600k a week so. I chance him coming to EPL for less money and high tax bracket. It will be China or a pro golfer I’m staying we’ll clear. Plus I just don’t like his hair!

  • Yes, his wages are a big problem. Can't imagine him joining Spurs. No way they would offer anywhere near £600k a week. £100k max. Just isn't happening for me.

    Man Utd is a possibility but not until the summer at the earliest I reckon. I also doubt they would match those wages.

    Bizarre situation.

  • @Metropolis No chance he is going to Utd. Utd signing Bale is the opposite of what the club is trying to do and will be a complete 180 on the signings made so far.
    Why would Ole want an injury prone 30yr old who can't even string together 5 games in a row.

  • the King is presently sat in 18th place on a MB score of 60... The King is dead, long live the King???

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