IPO's 22nd November - Player Summaries

  • Hi All - I have done a mainly fact based write up on all the players IPO'ing tomorrow. If you like it I will do some more of these as long as the number of IPOs are manageable. These articles are meant to be a bit of fun, try and give you a high level insight into the players IPO'ing. I will try not to say who you should buy and who you shouldn't, or whose value and who isn't as that's your call at the end of that day. Unless you are Tom Trybull:

    0_1574362258979_upload-e76f744f-f758-46fe-8332-039f3e0cbc74 Name Club Country Price Range Position Age Comments

    Steven Alzate Brighton Colombia £0.50-£1.00 Forward 21 "Colombian has featured heavily for Brighton in
    the last month, but no goals and assists. Versatile player. If he IPOs at £0.50p would be cheapest player 22 and under to be regularly featuring in the Premier League this season on the index. Made International debut recently but non European. Brighton fans seem to really like him. PB average of around 80 for games he's started. Question mark if he starts for Brighton when everyone fit."
    Jack Stacey Bournemouth England £0.30-£0.80 Defender 23 "English defender, mainly a right back signed
    from Luton Town this summer. Has played
    4 times this year in the Premier League but not
    featured in the last 4 games. PB stats for these games around 60. No goals or assists. Only made 6 crosses in 4 games so suggests not an attacking full back."
    Brandon Williams Man Utd England £0.80-£1.50 Defender 19 "Young English left back who is starting to get
    some regular game time. Made first Premier League start last time out and looked impressive. Also heavily used in the Europa league, registering scores of 135 and 124 there. Left Back a revolving door at Manchester United but Luke Shaw is just about back fit again, but his next death is usually just around the corner. Should continue to see game time in the Europa at least."
    Adria Pedrosa Espanyol Spain £0.60 – £1.20 Defender 21 "This time last year was playing in the Spanish
    equivalent of the pub leagues and now a regular in La Liga and Spain U21s. Starting for strugglers Espanyol, and doing ok personally. Already guaranteed Europa League knockouts despite awful league form. Hasn't had a PB score of over 100 in the league but part of that is due to Espanyol awful form. "
    Ander Barrenetxea Real Sociedad Spain £1.00 – £1.80 Forward 17 17 year old winger who bagged in the Bernabeu last season. Has seen the mighty sum of 24 minutes in the league this year though as an improved Sociedad thrive. Had to judge him on PB scores but that goal in the bernabeu did give him a score of 171. You aren't buying this guy for the short term.
    Ferro Benfica Portugal £0.70 – £1.40 Defender 22 "Promoted from Benfica B last year and now
    regular partner of the more highly regarded Ruben Diaz. Made Portugal debut earlier this year too. Seems natural he would stay at Benfica longer than Diaz, but has developed a lot in a year. Benfica will do well to stay in Europe this year. Would expect to make Portugal squad for the Euros at this point. Did score 248 in Europa League last year, no other scores of note."
    Alexis Claude Maurice Nice France £1.00 – £1.80 Midfielder 21 "Joined Nice in the summer for a hefty fee but
    has been a 2.5 out of 10 so far - that’s his words not mine when asked to rate his season so far. No PB over 100, no goals or assists suggests why. Did score 14 last season from the wing in Ligue 2 which must be considered,
    but the starting price seems very high even given that. Maybe the excellent FI-Genesis, the resident French football expert can tell you more on this one."
    Gaetano Castrovilli Fiorentina Italy £0.80 – £1.50 Midfielder 22 Impressive season so far has seen him already force his way into the Italy squad. 3 goals from midfield, 2 assists. Was on loan in Serie B last season so has come out of nowhere. Well balanced all round midfielder. PB scores have been reliant on goals so far. If he keeps this form going he could fly.
    Lisandro Martinez Ajax Argentina £0.50 – £1.00 Midfielder 21 "Ahh Lisandro. Another young Ajax maestro.
    Holding midfielders split opinion on FI but this guy is one and looks a good one. Excellent base scores in the champions league so far. Doubt he will be ever be regular goal scorer but when he does score he will be up there on PB based on his regular 130+ scores without them. Only joined Ajax in the summer but will surely get attention over the next 12 months."
    Jonathan David KAA Gent Canada £1.00 – £2.00 Forward 19 "Yes they do play football in Canada. Exciting
    prospect who has 12 goals in 24 games this year, including 2 in the Europa League. National team record even better at 11 in 12, but the opposition needs to be considered. Has said this may be his last season in Belgium. Gent should progress in the Europa enhancing the spotlight. A real talent, but no concrete links to big clubs as of yet. Base scores have been solid in the europa (low of 60) and has had a 161. Seems to be more involved in the build up play than some strikers."
    Cody Gakpo PSV Holland £1.00 – £2.00 Forward 20 Another day another young Dutch prospect. Should become a regular for PSV when the main men leave, has scored 2 assisted 5 in the Dutch league, though has done nothing when called upon in the Europa league, in which PSV are close to qualifying.
    Ryan Christie Celtic Scotland £0.50 – £1.00 Midfielder 24 Got to give this guy credit, has been very impressive whenever I have seen him this year. His PB scores are very very good and has helped Celtic into the latter stages of the Europa League. Has become a real goalscoring midfielder and a key man for Scotland (for what that's worth). Could he head South of the border soon? If so he could become very popular.
    Fabio Silva Porto Portugal £1.40 – £2.20 Forward 17 Potential wonderkid striker, who has dominated at every age level he's played at. Played and scored for Porto this year but not a regular yet. Will expect to see more game time this year. High starting price for a non PB league but could be a Haaland. Porto's god awful efforts in Europe this year could be a hinderance as they look likely to go out of the Europa.
    Xavi Quintilla Villarreal Spain £0.40 – £0.90 Defender 23 Villarreal full back. Mostly in but sometimes out this season. Would of earned 1p in IPD in his 16 game La Liga career so far. PB Max of 114. Of all the people FI need to IPO, they have chosen this guy.
    Unai Lopez Athletic Club Spain £0.40 – £0.90 Midfielder 24 24 year old holding midfielder. Never scored for Bilbao. High score of 139 in 29 games. You don't care much about him so I'm not writing much about him.
    Edu Exposito Eibar Spain £0.50 – £1.00 Midfielder 23 Started as a regular starter for Eibar this year but now not so much. A GWG his only way of getting past 70 this year. He scored 2 in Spain's second tier last year. If you like to quick flip IPOs for a profit, this guy probably isn't your best bet.
    Robin Quaison Mainz 05 Sweden £0.50 – £1.00 Midfielder 26 Goal scoring number 10 from Sweden and Mainz finally makes it onto the Index. The PB scores aren't there but he is a goal threat. Key man for Sweden may means interest peaks in the Euros if they get a decent draw - scored 5 in qualifying.
    Tom Trybull Norwich City Germany £0.30 – £0.80 Midfielder 26 I generally try and make all of these write ups fact based and try not to lead any traders by showing my hand or saying he must be bought etc. So here goes. Tom Trybull is a 26 year old midfielder playing for the team bottom of the Premier League having never played international football and scoring 5 goals in his career. He has had 1 score over a 100 so far this season. You would be crazy to buy him.
    Andreas Skov Olsen Bologna Denmark £0.90 – £1.50 Forward 19 "Highly rated attacking player who dominated
    the Danish league last year, scoring 22 in 36 games. Not got more than 55 minutes in a game this year for an average Bologna side, so PB scores non existent. Stock seems to be on its way down from where he was 6 months ago."
    Pau Torres Villarreal Span £0.60 – £1.20 Defender 22 Impressive centre half who is developing nicely. Marked Spain debut with a goal from 3 inches. Has had some nice PB scores for a wildly inconsistent team, whose goals against isn't pretty, which I guess you could see as a bad thing but this is his first season in La Liga and to earn a call up so quickly, despite the experimenting nature of the squad, is impressive. Depends on which end of the scale this one starts at...
    Jota Aston Villa Spain £0.30 – £0.80 Midfielder 28 "Flashy player at Championship level who finally
    got his chance in the big league this summer. Featured in the first 5 games for Villa not been seen since. Never lasted the 90 and has one B score over 41. Scored 3 in 41 games last year in the Championship and feels like he could be destined to go back there if he continues to ride the pine."
    Ruben Vargas FC Augsburg Switzerland £1.00 – £1.80 Midfielder 21 Young winger signed from Luzern in the summer and shot to prominence with 3 Bundesliga goals by 1st September. Hasn’t had a goal or an assist since but is a regular starter. PB scores decimated by the fact he's never made more than 20 passes in a game. Did put up 252 for Switzerl... oh it was against Gibraltar. Big starting price must score some.
    Sergino Dest Ajax USA £0.50 – £1.00 Defender 19 A name that immediately jumped out. USA RB who has become a regular starter at FI darlings Ajax. Has had PB scores of 158 and 165 in the Champs League games so far this year. Lack of crosses may be a concern. Can see this lad getting a lot of attention.
    Efthymios Koulouris Toulouse Greece £0.70 – £1.40 Attacker 23 Joined Toulouse in the summer. Good news: Has scored 4 goals. Bad News: Hasn’t posted a 100+ PB score despite said goals. Gets a game for Greece but has not scored in 15 apps Was top scorer in the Greek league last year it must be said. May say more about the Greek league however.
    Loris Benito Bordeaux Switzerland £0.40 – £0.90 Defender 27 Full Back signed from Young Boys (despite being 27!) in the Summer. Has featured regularly for Bordeaux but aside from a goal assisted score hasn't got past 102 on PB. Did post 250 against the might of Gibraltar for Switzerland but he isn’t first choice left back for them either. You do the maths...
    Dario Benedetto Marseille Argentina £0.60 – £1.20 Attacker 29 "South American journeyman striker found his
    feet at Boca and joined Marseilles this summer. Hit the ground running with 4 in 5 but only 1 goal in 8 since. PB scores of 174 and 176 but both with GWG. Marseilles main man up top starting all but the first game. Definitely in the IPD mix."

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