Buy tonight / Buy tomorrow 8 games in 30 days teams.

  • Have never really fully got into IPD chasing. Tried it a few times and feels like I got burnt like traditional betting on a couple (at least my whole stake wasn't lost!). Most annoying was that I was right about Morata's return from injury and him going to bang all the goals in, but in my 30 days he scored once, the next 30 he scored about 8! So now I'm back to just seeing them as a bonus or possible cashback on a mid/long term buy.

    I think the next few pay day boosts will still be PB stars orientated as agreed by those on the FIGpodcast @The-FIG chat 'in the pub' episode. There is still a lot of value to be had in the pedigree PB players, even after their rises. With further rumors of a future reward to be added in about long term performance, this could be PB based, or maybe rewarding players that just don't suit the matrix, but do score highly in other rankings e.g. sofascore or whoever the website is where it looks like FI are now working with- it will add even more value.

    So looking at topping up/buying players (even ones I've previously held and sold before!) now before the pay day rises. Especially with a few dips, from the IPO onslaught and the international break, on some pedigree PB players. And which ones might be playing lots of games to hopefully give some cashback from IPDs.

    Looked at whether there were any fixture advantages and can share this below. Hope it's useful:
    S= Single game days D= Double game days (Rest are triple).

    If you buy tonight:
    Dortmund = 8 games, 3S, 2D
    Bayern = 8 games, 3D
    Hoffenheim = 8 games, 3S
    RB Leipzig = 8 games, 1S, 2D
    Etienne = 8 games
    Wolfsburg = 8 games
    Lyon = 8 games, 4D
    Arsenal = 8 games, 2S
    Man City = 8 games, 3D
    Leverkusen = 8 games, 3D
    Barcelona = 8 games, 3D
    Lille = 8 games, 2S, 4D
    PSG = 8 games, 1s, 3D
    Wolves= 8 games, 1D
    Metz = 8 games, 1D
    Rennes = 8 games, 1D

    If you buy tomorrow: (most, if not all of the above are still in the window too)
    Frankfurt = 8 games, 1S, 3D
    Chelsea = 8 games, 4D
    Real Mad = 8 games, 4D
    Man Utd = 8 games, 2D
    Spurs = 8 games, 4D
    Monaco = 8 games, 4D

    And just slightly further ahead (I don't know if games can still be moved...but):
    Buy on the 28th Nov and get 9 games (4D) for Man Utd.

    So looking at that- who do you buy? For PB? For just IPD?

  • Those 4 double match days for Lyon look very good for my Depay shares

    Nice work mate

  • @Westy This forum is amazing, thanks Westy.

  • @CJ0101 one I'm looking at topping up on even though my current hold is about 280% up...must change my mentality to not care about lowering the profit margin! I usually only ever top up if my original holding is down, so to lower the average...I know it makes no sense, but I find it hard to buy more of a player that would bring my profit margin down! But as I look at him currently, do I think he is good value? Yes.

  • @Westy I was the same mate, was always too concerned about the profit percentage and not topping up when I should have been. I’ve also never really dabbled in IPD too much but keep seeing too many success stories to continue to ignore it. I asked for some suggestions for IPD players on here a few days ago and have already seen some go up in value before even playing a game. Still considering spending the money I put to one side for the IPO’s on topping up on Benzema instead.

  • Weghorst is due a few goals and you never know with a brace could get top forward. £1 05p
    Loads of cheap players out there.

  • Well done mate,

    Hoffenheim 3S games, nice one - have to be Skov for sure. Won already on Bronze day and was very close (9points belowe first) to win another!! 🤔

    Timo (Forward) and Sabitzer (Midfield) in form for RB Leipzig 🤓

    Wout Weghorst at £1 ish for Wolfsburg 5G 3A in 11 games and EL still in, 2nd in group 👍

    Lille - fingers crossed like always for Bamba, very friendly PB player but unfortunately whole team underperformed atm... 🤔

    Jota for Wolves 🐺

    Rennes - Flavien Tait at 50p, not sure if he's bck from injury but this lad IMO is undervalued. Mentioned few times on the forum and from what I remember very friendly PB player 👍

    Kostic for PB, Silva (?) for IPD - Frankfurt

    Benzema for Real Madrid 👍

    Lo Celsco - I don't know why but nobody mentioned him after Mourinho arrived in London. I got good feelings about him 🤓

    And of course ppl expect some big scores from Neymar, Depay, KDB, Messi...

  • Brilliant info mate 👏🏻👍🏻

    Just one gripe.... you're still talking in old money!
    I'm trying to get used to Gold, Silver and Bronze days, don't confuse me 😂😂

  • @Mundek Tait has been unlucky trying to settle in to new club with a red card on debut i think and then injuries.
    He should do better with the new matrix- he is a dribbler, we just haven't seen him match fit yet for a run of games.
    Certainly cheap enough at 50p from recent injury drops to hold on/buy and see how he does. He's only 26. Rennes in Europa.

    Just bought Sabitzer, Werner, even though i previously held at much much cheaper!
    Thinking of topping up Kostic, when you watch him play he stands out big time, big clubs will be in for him.

    Chose Lewandowski over Benzema due to Euros potential (although i hear the french squad are wanting Benzema to be brought back in?)

  • I'm in on Kevin Volland. Goalscoring striker under 30 who starts pretty much every match for less than £1? Yes please.

  • @Westy

    Thnx for info about Tait 👍 50p with 2p spread, nice one 🤓

    Kostic is very good player, PB friendly and I think that he will win some PB this season. Bronze 🥉 day on 2nd December with just 1 game - bring on 🤓 As well 🇷🇸 v 🇳🇴 in March play off for Euro.

    Sabitzer, Timo - very friendly PB players with Euro and CL, what not to like about it 🤓

    And what about....
    Juan Bernat 87p - didn't rise like others full bcks, LB for PSG, Bronze 🥉night tommorrow and likely to be in with a shout of winning PB - 233 score last week, 5A in 10 games, Spain regular LB,CL coming up too. Plenty to like about him.

  • At the end I went for Mr evergreen Hubner...

  • Trying to cover all bases for IPD's but also outside chances of threatening PB, so in no particular order;

    Ter Stegen 49p, Rajkovic 35p & Neuer 45p for CS,

    Marcelo 56p, Hinteregger 72p, Al Toure 38p (Abrams out for pushing coach), Fonte 28p, Bonucci 48p, Doherty 75p, Alonso 63p

    Modric 60p, Hunou 50p, Lazzari 42p, Mkhitaryan 67p

    Volland 97p, Slimani 86p, Kahzri 68p, Moura 136p (Mourinho bounce), Poulsen 117p, Mertens 107p

    Can buy approx 75 futures in all 20 for around £1k & watch the dividends roll in!!

    Also like Ramos, Skov, Krameric, lo Celso & Alcacer but are higher prices so more longer term as a bit expensive to simply IPD flip.

  • Just renewed my Courtois shares, 8 potential clean sheets for Real. Reus at Dortmund assuming he is back fit, the fact he is up a good bit in the last 7 days suggests he is?

  • Only the 7 games for Roma but Dzeko stands out to me. Some easy home games in that 7 and the potential for some continued silly transfer spec on top if the United links come up again.

  • @janner73 Agreed, bought in the middle of the jump the other day. Only takes one more link to United and he goes up another 10% or so. Plus any IPD's in that time too.

  • @janner73 price looks good right now. Would also go for mkhitaryan if he's back

  • Great post- thanks 👏

  • any one think Origi would be worth a pop with Liverpools fixture congestion in december?

  • @NewUser365699

    Problem is gametime as I don't believe he's a PB threat iirc. Doesn't get in the front 3 if & when they are all fit & Klopp doesn't rotate much. So at 94p no.

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