Kieran Tierny rise coming ?!

  • With a slight increase in price this week, Tierny could get a further bump this weekend as Arsenal play Southampton at home. Good to buy right now due to his decrease in price over the last month as he's been in and out the team but with Sead Kolasanic injured, and a good run of games, we are likely to see a change of form in Arsenal and therefore a more effective Tierny, consenquently leading to an increase.

  • No - he's overpriced as he is. He needs to start winning PB because he has had his move so has nothing else to factor into his price.

  • Yeah I think you have a point here... At this stage of his Arsenal career, any glimpse of what people expect from him, should cause an increase. I feel a couple good performances, would easily take him past £2, just like when he first started gaining fitness about a month back.

  • Hes made 6 appearances for arsenal and has won top def with a score of 291, admittedly with the multiplier so closer to 232. Hes also posted a 209.

    Ok other than that hes only broke 100 on 1 occasion but in those other 4 games 3 have been draws, for which he has not had the clean sheet bonus on any occasion and the other was a 2 nil defeat.

    Arsenal have generally been poor but I think ppl would agree they will win more games this season than the majority of teams in the big 5 leagues, and on the limited data we have, it seems that he will score pretty well in a winning team. I've watched him play a few times and he gets forward and makes crosses.

    Priced higher than him is De Ligt who has also already had his move and is a CB so will probably need a GWG to win PB. Also VVD to whom the same probably applies. Ok he will get media but Tierney in his comparatively short time in the limelight, has placed 1st in MB once, 2nd once and 3rd 8 times so arguably he can also offer a bit of media.

    Theres also Fikayo Fomori priced above him, another who's gonna need a GWG.

    A big negative for Tierney is that scotland may not make the euros, and even if they do, they are unlikely to do owt. But arsenal are likely to go deep in the europa league with big, and relatively easy divs on offer, and this will certainly see him rise. Therefore I agree with the OP that Tierney appears under priced and will very likely have risen a good bit and returned a few divs 6 months from now

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