Quite surprised to see di Maria fall a lot

  • Quite new to this but was surprised to see di Maria fall quite sharply after a near pb win performance and a goal, anyone know why he fell or is it just normal for players to fall after playing?

  • He's a weird one the market seems very scared of him not getting play if Neymar comes back. Else he's golden crazy PB scores and IPD machine. Hoping he falls more.

  • You got to remember that just 2 months ago he was under a pound so many are sitting on a nice profit.
    Problem he has is he's the wrong side of 30 so really to maintain his price he has to be smashing it most weeks so when he has a so so performance pb wise you are always likely to see a dip imo.

  • @Jim38 yeah was think Neymar coming back could be a course

  • @Gazz127 good point, got a few players playing tomorrow who have had decent rises the last week will be interesting to see if they fall after playing aswell

  • I don't understand why people are worried about him not playing now Neymar is back. He is a favourite of Tuchel and always puts him in the team and never gets subbed off. Just look at previous season appearances and even with a fit Neymar he starts games being part of a 4 man attack. Draxler is the one that will suffer.

  • @Barkez_86 I do think there will be games where he plays in a 4 man attack, but last season they had less options in midfield. They’ve got Veratti and Herrera (who they’re paying big money) to add to last nights team too. Di Maria is probably still a decent hold but I think he will be a victim to rotation at times because there’s so many options now

  • Bought him as think he will get plenty of inlay dividends in the next 30 days, will probs sell just before a game as that seems to be when his price peaks

  • @PompeyFc I've just topped up with another 100, I think he's a steal now at this price. The drop is crazy for someone with good pb scores and I'm glad FI have made the spread bigger to hopefully stop the instant selling

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