Dele Ali

  • Why the huge rise?? Assists a goal but his pb is rubbish so far considering how dominant spurs have been in the game. Come on folks why the rise? 🤷‍♂️

  • After what Jose said yesterday likely to get some MB over the coming weeks; but the massive rise will be FOMO for many.

  • Well if you're watching the game he was brilliant first half. Created the second goal with a bit of magic. Should be the one to get headlines as "the player transformed" and could be the media darling under a Mourinho's Tottenham. Either as a hero or villain as Pogba was at Utd

  • @Ben_pz He did look great first half, didn't look quite so impressed when he got subbed then, looked like he was having a little whinge! him & Mourinho will be a rollercoatser ride the next few months.

  • @Ben_pz said in Dele Ali:

    Well if you're watching the game he was brilliant first half. Created the second goal with a bit of magic. Should be the one to get headlines as "the player transformed" and could be the media darling under a Mourinho's Tottenham. Either as a hero or villain as Pogba was at Utd

    As brilliant as I’m sure he looked it only translated to a score of 114.

    Already starting to drop - I’m going to stick my neck on the line and say any existing holders who chose not to cash in at the peak of this spike made a big mistake.

  • @Chris-J He’ll rise again before Tuesday’s game with olympiakos

  • @Chris-J Personally I don't think the rise has much to do with PB at all. It's not why i'm holding anyway.

    Edit: Currently top of MB

  • @Chris-J maybe there are a lot more FI traders now that are not solely focused on PB, if you look at Deles rise today, his possible MB, assist I think, the potential rollercoaster ride with Jose and if they start winning regular, there is a lot more money to be made in a short space of time than waiting week in week out for a 3-8p PB win a few times a year. Im not knocking that strategy in anyway, but its a little frustrating sometimes to read comments saying if players are not PB fantastic theyre worthless and should be sold.

  • Second for PB ain't too bad. He'll be Jose's prodigal son. Plenty of MB to come over the next weeks. Speculation over place in England team and the odd PB when he has a scoring game. Reasonable hold me thinks.

  • bought at 2.07 early this morning purely for the off chance media given spurs had the early kick off. Wasnt so sure hed suit the pb matrix given we are all stabbing in the dark because of spurs form and his lack of playing time in his best position since pb was introduced on the index. If he can get back to some kind of form from a couple of years back, stay fit and get a consistent run as a secondary striker, hes a quality hold.

    Hes was on 104 i think at half time with just an assist. Plus he took a corner too at one point. If the old alli returns and starts ghosting into the box, bagging braces with gwg's, and pinching the odd corner he will be a contender for pb.

    Very few mids in europe can match his goal and assist output when hes at his best. Hes a player who strikes me who will have a generally shit pb base but could hit some good peaks if he can rediscover himself. And the media appeal with jose in charge is a given.

    A total gamble and not someone id ever try to convince another to buy, there is a chance this hype could all end in tears. Joses comments after the game about giving him tactical consistency makes me think hes got a run in that support striker role should he stay fit. That comment alone is enough to convince me to hold, especially with olympiakos, bournmouth and burnley to play at home in the next 4 games and hes a premier league player and the european winter break is around the corner.

  • @dionysusthyrsus with mourinho as manager now I think even if he performs badly he could still win mb and if he picks up his form from the past he could defo win a pb here and there, defo think he’s a £3.50-£4 player especially if he picks up form and gets in the england squad for the euros

  • I'm not missing out on this possible Pogba-esque scenario! Just bought in. Happy to pay £2.50 for a 23 year old "troubled" England regular now playing under Mourinho.

    I'm stupid for not jumping on last week dammit

  • @PompeyFc Oh for sure and that could happen rather fast too. Today has shown the market is willing for him to do well. if he can nab a brace in the next few games im convinced he will fly.

    early to mid 20s midfielders who pick up attacking postions and get plenty of shots off with multiple pillars of value have picked up phenomenal traction this season at one point or another. Golovin, gnabry, sabitzer, sensi, maddison, mount all have flown at an accelerated rate at one point or another. allis added mb appeal and the european winter break makes this a perfect storm should he recapture former glories.

  • I'd be more inclined to buy Alli if there was some sort of indication that he is a starter for England. So far, I have not had that indication from anywhere. When was the last time he started for England?

  • @Andy 9 June 2019, he played Third place play off EUFA Nations League Finals. The 13 England games played previous to that including the World Cup 2018 he started 10 of them, the 3 he missed were injury. Since June his exclusion from England could be that he had few weeks out with injury in August, so not ready for September games, the last 3 games against Kosovo, Montenegro and Bulgaria id be tempted to say Southgate was trying out other potentials in that area. The world already knows what a fit in form Dele Alli is capable of!

  • I was going to buy 1.96 and i bottled it, gutted but its to high for me now.
    Will be monitoring though, its got honeymoon period and then meltdown written all over it.

  • I just sold mine at £2.53 Was one of my longest holds and sat doing nothing for a long time so I am happy to sell at a profit and use the money to prep for the euros

  • 0_1574685116491_3D7BCD61-CBA1-45A5-A6AF-0DA8C4849CBC.jpeg

    Why I think Index Gain is worth the money.
    On a dreary Monday morning you might get a little pick you up message from them 😃
    Anyone know why the surge in price this morning. Is he moving in with Jose?

  • @LittleFish lots more MB. If this carries on, should rise to £3 soon. Also if his form continues to improve, will be playing for England at Euros.

  • @Hotspur yeah I bought heavily on news that Jose was his new boss. Thought there might have been a specific reason for rise this morning so maybe just FOMO the reason for today.

  • I'm interested in people's opinions on Dele Alli, I've always liked him as a player but its undeniable that he's been poor recently hence his price has been dropping. On the back of Poch getting sacked I rolled the dice a bought a moderate amount. A good decision that has so far yielded 42% increase and 4p divs (3p media 1p IPD assist).
    Now we all know that that CA is worth nothing until it's banked, the question is do I sell and run with this profit or hold for more and risk it going south? I'm inclined to hold as he seems to be getting a fair bit of media. I bought in the hope that he would either become Mourinhio's "project player" or the one that he relentlessly bullies (he always seems to have at least one of each of these!!!) and its looking like he could be the project and therefore could yet have further rises in him but interested to hear what other people are thinking/doing? Thanks in advance 👍

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