• Wish we could rewind back to the days of poor refereeing decisions instead of this joke of a system that has totally spoilt our beautiful game.

  • Agreed. Hate it.

    Most of the corrections are probably right, just hate the fact that now after a goal there is the anti climax of 'undertaking a VAR review' and the checking whether it's going to stand etc etc.

  • As someone that was always for something like VAR, I cannot believe how badly it's been implemented. The football authorities should be ashamed.

    7 out of 10 my arse.

  • The technology should only be used when it's not used by idiots.

    It could have worked but they've chosen not to allow that.

  • Just let the refs referee. Mistakes and all. Sick of all the tinkering with the laws of the game.

    Can anyone honestly say football is a better now for all the changes then it was in the 80s and 90s?

    Didn't think so.

  • @NewUser303261 said in F%!K VAR:

    As someone that was always for something like VAR, I cannot believe how badly it's been implemented. The football authorities should be ashamed.

    Me too but having just lost Maddison & Sterling goals from my FF team to dubious decisions my patience is being sorely tested; What I can't understand is how other sports like Cricket & Rugby (Both codes) can use a similar system perfectly well yet football seem to be deliberately butchering even the most clear cut decisions?

    Any system will still have close & debatable judgement calls that will create controversy but 90%+ of mistakes (which are difficult or impossible to get right with the naked eye in real time) should be uncontroversially corrected so the right decision is made the majority of the time. Overturn glaring errors & stick with on field decisions for the too close to call ones then everyone knows the rules & can see that they are fair - How hard can that be to implement??

    When Sterling is given offside for an eyebrow when it is clear to everyone in the real world he's onside then you will lose the faith of the even the non partisan fans & the clamour to scrap the whole system will only gather momentum.

  • The offside rule was brought in to stop blatant goal hanging. Disallowing goals for armpits and millimetres is not in the spirit of the game. The refs and linos are generally amazing, within the limits of human capabilities, so let them get on and make the odd mistake - we lived with that for over a century.
    Fully onboard with goalline technology but VAR can do one, it's the worst thing to ever happen to the game.

  • @NewUser159387 as you say, other sports have implemented video technology pretty much without any great issues, which does prove the fact that technology itself isn't the problem, only the competence of those using it.

    If the authorities are not able to improve the farse it currently is then it would be better to be not used all together.

  • Var should be judged by third party officials not current refs who will only back their colleagues on field decisions.
    Imo the var officials are afraid to undermine their buddies cause next week it could be them on the receiving end of it.

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