A sportstack question, I apologise (massively) in advance

  • Anyone know why these bets were voided. I read the FAQ’s and it says they void bets in players that don’t start. Both Auba and Vardy did start so I’m a bit confused. If no-one knows I’ll send an email to them in the morning. Again I apologise for asking a sportstack question.


  • @CJ0101 think something failed inplay on the app for the 3pm games so they voided all bets

  • Ahhh been at work all day so I hadn’t heard thanks mate. Doesn’t inspire loads of confidence but I suppose there was gonna be a hick up of sorts.

  • Think it might have been more an opta problem to be fair to them.

  • @CJ0101 yeah they lost the opta feed towards the end of the Tottenham game. They decided it was fair to everyone void all the 3pm games as they wouldnt have everything back up in time. Gutted as i would of came out quite well based on my selections but i get why they did it and overall it was dair enough

  • Just checked out this Sportstack to see if it’s anything like FI as I was concerned it was a direct competitor. Relieved to say it’s nothing like FI and I won’t be spending my money there as it seems to be like just betting on player performance per match.

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  • Fuck SportStack and all you SportStack traitors!

    I'm FI Till I DIE!
    I'm FI Till I DIE!
    I know I am
    I'm sure I am
    I'm FI Till I.... realise that there's more money to be won elsewhere, and their platform is nicer, with less bugs, more fun...

  • It seems another problem it’s it is that it suspends during in play just like bookies do, that is a big turn off for me.

  • They should really have paid on users existing positions. If I’d sold a player that had a stinker I’d probably never go back.
    What they’re basically saying is “if users lose the ability to trade out of bets ALREADY PLACED then everybody gets voided whether they intended to trade out or not”.
    They got it the wrong way around for me.

  • @Timothee-Atouba so to update they paid out all matched bets that would have won and refunded the stake of anyone who would of lost during those 3pm games so everyone was happy. I have to say im more impressed with it than i thought i would be. From my deposit of £250 im up £86 on this weekends games £29 of that was from those 3pm games. Still no competition for FI but the short term flippers may like it

  • I signed up for this but early impressions are it's shite.

    FI miles better
    Footstock miles better.

    Sportstack is nothing more than in play gambling.
    Then your shares vanish after the game and you start again

  • @Comrade really? I think that it’s exactly the kind of thing that could kill Footstock and i liked Footstock but sportstack is way better. As you say though its all about matchday betting and the lead up to those games and has nothing on FI but im surprised at how good it is regardless

  • @Black-wolf

    With Footstock you can use your cards multiple times as opposed to Sportstack where you buy every match day.

    Footstock don't do any marketing though and are not growing so I'm not sure what will happen with it.

    Sportstack have got off to a horrendous start as well , couldn't have gone much worse lol.

    I'm just using my free shares on it to see how it goes next week end.

  • @Black-wolf Ok. That’s very reasonable. I was under the impression they voided the 3pm games.
    I know it’s early days but the lack of liquidity is painful. I think at least until they have a bigger user base they should be providing solid liquidity themselves. At 4% comm. on a statistically driven product I’d say it would be almost impossible for them to lose long term.

  • @Comrade yeah but whatever you buy you get back the difference so its not like buying a card and using it over and over. You arent left with a depreciating asset. Plus you only pay commission on the profit not the shares themselves. If you dont make a profit you pay now commision on your returns

  • @Timothee-Atouba you only pay commission on profits not on the total share price which means that commission is actually a very low take

  • @Black-wolf Yes. But they take 4% on every trade unless you break precisely even as if you lose somebody else is winning thus paying commission on the trade.

  • @Timothee-Atouba yes but so do FI but on the full value of the share no matter if you are up or down. If you buy £20 of shares and sell them for £24 you only pay 4% on the £4 profit. So 16p commision in total

    If you are the guy on the other side of the bet that sold me the £20 worth of shares. You will have lost £4 so got back £16 and paid no commission

  • Anyway im impressed with it really like it but its probably not for everyone

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