Sergio Canales

  • Curious what people think of him. I got on him a couple months ago because I thought he would benefit from the increase to PB payouts as kind of a budget version of Parejo if you like.

    Has won PB twice before and has clinched top mid today on a gold day yet he is still miles from his previous peak and his price has been on a steady decline for a few months now.

    Just wondered people's thoughts? Just an unfashionable player? Will he win PB again this season? Is he undervalued or at the right price?

  • He's good value as like you say he's now won PB 3 times and he gets some goals and assists, worth noting he had quite a high IPO for someone who has been on the index for a while at 34p (£1 old money), I'm on for a few hundred shares.

  • @BradD mentioned him a couple months ago saying he was vastly underpriced, maybe not for sell on value etc but often takes pens and by all accounts scored a great free kick yesterday.

    Betis played better yesterday by the sounds of it and hes one of their main men. Think hes easily worth a quid based on PB potential.

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