Selling Strategy

  • Really interested to know from fellow traders their selling strategy, my question is do you sell as soon as you make your 10-15% regardless of when bought?
    I have some players that have risen above those thresholds but still IPD eligible, some have risen but are good PB holds, not sure to stick or twist?

  • I really don't think there is a catch all selling strategy. There’s so many factors in play regarding buying and selling players and those factors can change daily. I think it’s best just to treat every player as the individual they are.

  • @WhiteGooner

    My advice is to always have a plan to sell, no matter who the player is.

    Players all rise and fall. Earlier in my FI journey, I would often hesitate, get greedy and watch a 50% rise that I had obtained over a period of months drop to just 10% in a matter of minutes following an injury or other unforeseen event.

    As a result, I always try to lock in profit and move onto the next thing.

    We all have different strategies, and it seems most produce positive results.

    I almost never instant sell, and seldom sell when in the red. Every dog has its day, and one good performance, can recoup a loss that has been building up over 6 months.

    Ultimately, patience and timing are key to making profit. Combine these with a little luck, and you will be making money in no time! 👍

  • Thanks for the advice

  • You have to accept you will get burned at some point, iv just started trying to sell, I like to hold long term but im deciding to practice with 20% when i see an opportunity.
    problem is I will have a poor idea on when shares are expiring so the sooner they bring in data for this the better.

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