sale queue question

  • can someone explain how a player in sale queue for 2 days goes up in price 5p but still unsold .I would have thought price increase only after sales

  • @NewUser373732 large queue and players being removed from said queue will increase price

  • sorry dont understand what you mean if a player is in a sale queue how his he removed from queue if unsold

  • @NewUser373732 you can cancel the sale and the player stays in your portfolio.

    Say if you put Marcus Rashford in the sale queue last week and he’s still there. That would suggest a long queue. He then scores a hat trick today and a lot of traders cancel their sale order. The queue gets smaller and the price goes up.
    If you cancel your sale and then try to sell again you go back to the end of the queue.

  • now i understand makes perfect sense now . many thanks appreciate your help

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