• Watching the Hoffenheim Mainz game, crazy result.

    Also, that goal from Boetius 😘

  • @Moukoko any news on Mateta's injury return?

  • @Lukeroro haven't heard anything sorry, although he's annoyed his teammates so a move Jan/summer is pretty much nailed on

  • @Moukoko yeah. I keep expecting him to return though, annoyed that I cannot find any news at all.

    I know he's been winding up teammates but Mainz are in deep shit, I'd have expected them to play him if he's available.

  • @Lukeroro they will play him because he's their best player, Mainz would be fine though. In my eyes there is only 1 space available for relegation, koln and Paderborn are god awful. I'd say Bremen should be worried

  • @Moukoko I find it strange that I've seen in various places he's back between end of October and mid November and there's nothing about either him returning or a setback to the lay off. Clearly I'm pretty invested.

    What do you think are the chances of a January move?

    And I'm waiting for a post injury spike but is it worth holding after?

  • @Lukeroro personally once he starts again, I would take the increase. If you look at the 5 prem clubs who were reported to have been interested, Watford and Everton brought in forwards without success(kean and Sarr), Tottenham and Newcastle have new managers(and does he seem like a mourinho/Bruce signing), which leaves us with Southampton.

    Would be shocked if he joined Southampton, so I'd expect him to go back to France, again is he going to go to a team in CL? Probably not. El? Possibly.

    He may have annoyed some players but he is not the only one, so I am guessing Mainz are in no rush to sell and he has a contract taking him to 2023.

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