Weekend sell off?

  • Hi all, 1 week in and going ok but a fair drop in portfolio profits today after the weekend games. Is this the usual scenario after weekend matches? Is it a case of don't panic as people cash in their profits and I should expect the ship to steady in the next few days?

  • @Buyandsell-Tel

    In a word...yes!

  • @Buyandsell-Tel
    Yep until Monday evening
    Short term traders, end of People‘a IPDs and others taking profits.

    If you believe in your buys just ride the red they always bounce back

  • Thanks for the reassuring replies. I have a fairly balanced portfolio and have confidence in the long term prospects. Learning fast.

  • Quite normal weekly dips.

    If extended, it could be people trying to predict some sort of bonus / offer related to the 12 rockets tweet.
    Around any whiff of a deposit bonus there is usually a market dip as people get money out to put back in.

  • We have a Champions League and Europa week ahead so the drops won’t last. I find my biggest gains are in European weeks as most of the big players perform as there is less chance of “penny stock” randoms taking home the divs.

  • Priceless info for a newbie guys. Started trading with the international fixtures, just had first taste of league action & now looking forward to the Champions League & Europa League fixtures. Any special tips for Euro cup trading would be welcome

  • @Buyandsell-Tel yeah it’s my first league weekend and portfolio has dipped a bit after players have played but still in the green just surprised by some falling, confident they will gain again as most I have are playing midweek

  • @Buyandsell-Tel buy players that look like they may have a long run in Europe as once teams are out you’ll see some drastic falls. Only problem with buying said players is they tend to be premium players.
    Have a look at teams likely to drop into the Europa league from the champions league as they could go deep in the competition 👍🏻

  • @Buyandsell-Tel said in Weekend sell off?:

    Priceless info for a newbie guys. Started trading with the international fixtures, just had first taste of league action & now looking forward to the Champions League & Europa League fixtures. Any special tips for Euro cup trading would be welcome

    Heres an example of how I think things will work this week, based on 1 player who I have just bought into.

    Take the tip or dont, you dont have to buy the player, but take the insight.

    Club brugge play galatasaray on tuesday. A win will guarantee them a place in the europa cup, notwithstanding the tiny possibility that they could actually mathematically finish 2nd in the group still and progress in the CL.

    Either way, a win on Tuesday guarantees continued european football for club brugge. Hans vanaken is currently 51p. And would undoubtedly be a lot higher if he played in a PB league. Therefore a prolonged stay in a PB competition will very probably be good for his stock.

    Add to that the fact that people will be looking ahead to the january transfer window, and being a player in a non PB division who could undoubtedly play at a higher level, and hes somebody who people will buy in the Hope's that a PB move happens.

    If brugge win wednesday I predict maybe a 10% rise, significantly more if he gets 1 or more IPD's. I predict a further rise as we approach january.

    Of course the gamble is that brugge get beat. Well if they do hes likely to have a small dip but will still be higher in price a month from now than he is today

  • Tonight is probably the optimum time to buy into your champions league / Europa league players for the week, whilst they are at their low points

  • @MickTurbo Valuable insight into factors to look for. Keeping my powder dry until I do some analysis tomorrow but you have already added more depth to the way I will search out trades.

  • @Buyandsell-Tel you'll find your own way but theres always an opportunity just round the corner, it just takes a bit of experience of the market to see it, and the example I gave is just the most recent one I've spotted.

    It's not a guarantee of quick money though, they could get beat, he could get injured, but most of the time I make money on things like this

  • Would it be fair to say that with a Non Euro Comps week that prices bounce back by monday evening but when it is a Euro Comps week prices tend to rise sooner?

  • @Buyandsell-Tel drops continue on Monday then a slow rise to the weekend normally

  • @MickTurbo The only problem with Vanaken is that he seems happy with his lot in Belgium.
    Prolonged euro action might help maintain or increase his price but a move in Jan🤔

  • @Gazz127 as is said time and again, the move doesnt have to happen

  • Although relatively minor loses I am surprised the likes of TAA, Depay, Werner, Sabitzer and Pjanic are decreasing with CL matches just a couple of days away.

    Then again some of these have risen big time and everyone has to take profits for one reason or another,that I understand.

    Just to me the timing is a tad baffling with potential big gains to be had this week.

  • My portfolio is geared for PB and MB. Since the week of "shit the bed" I haven't experienced much of a Sunday sell off. Today I have so I would guess there is a different dynamic this weekend than previous weeks.

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    Plus how can this be? Jones messes up my MB win after messing up for Manu today. Don't think Scott Mc is worried about getting his place back.

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