Reus signs new contract

  • Reus price has plummeted since news came out of him signing a new deal at Dortmund which pretty much crushes his chances of a transfer to a PL giant. Wondering if I should cut my losses now or hold out to see if he goes back up? Maybe he'll be a star of the world Cup?

  • @NewUser127299
    I would probably hold. Germany players in the world cup may well see a price rise so you may get some or all of it back. Not sure I would hold during the wc though

  • I’ve just bought some more. If he is fit, which it looks like he is, he should fly again. His stats speak for themselves and he is class, his goal and assist ratio are high and if he maintains form, I agree with you, he could be a star of he World Cup. Contracts mean nothing these days, a big club comes knocking and there will be temptations, just secures Dortmund’s financial position and ability to earn money on him!

  • @R9Kennard yeah I agree that he is a quality player and as long as he stays fit he'll smash the goals and assists in on a weekly basis and with the wc around the corner, it's only a matter of time till he goes back up over £2.50

  • I think the double whammy of the new contract and the result last night has hit his price. Probably the best time to buy. The only reservation I would have with the German players for the world cup is that the competition is crazy in that squad.

  • @NewUser127299 hope you held!!!

  • @R9Kennard Yeah I still have him but I'm not sure whether to sell and cut my losses or just wait and see

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