Nabil Fekir

  • Been on the slide and now at £1.69, surely that’s plateau’ed and is worth double that! Ok he is at Betis but in the long term will force a move as he has incentives in his contact that are huge if he were to move.

    I’m gonna give it a go, what’s all your thoughts?

  • Certainly the type of forward who has a better chance of PB. Only 26. Can only get better this season you'd think.

    Can you elaborate on the incentives in his contract?

  • Tbh I felt he was over priced when he was £2+

    He has always seemed like one of them players that the media hype up but is he actually that good? Always was linked with Liverpool but ends up at Real Betis?!

    He is by far and away their most expensive player on the index. He would have to move to see a significant rise I think.

  • @NewUser106603 what is the reason you think hes worth double his current value? You've pumped a player without and backup info or stats, this is the worst kind of pump

  • I don't think he is worth double in the current market.

    Although I do think he is undervalued. Bit of pressure on the Betis manager at the minute - be interesting if they get a new manager or Mourinho sends Lo Celso back in January.

    Could coincide with a decent run of results improving his PB chances.

  • @Ddr said in Nabil Fekir:

    @NewUser106603 what is the reason you think hes worth double his current value? You've pumped a player without and backup info or stats, this is the worst kind of pump

    You've obviously not encountered the Reebok Insta Pump Fury


  • @Advinculas-Index oh dear lord, they're hideous lol

  • @Advinculas-Index It's sad to see how far they have fallen, the Reebok pump Shaq attaq were some of the most sought after trainers at my primary school in 92/93. I always preferred Patrick Ewing 33 hi-tops myself, those were the days.
    As for Fekir, he was good for Pb at Lyon last season wasn't he? Despite Depay being his competition. Helps when your team is winning like.

  • I was going to do a guess the player trivia before I saw this thread.

    Name the player that fits the below criteria that you would have lost money on if you purchased 12 months ago;

    (Roughly estimating that the commission/spread outweighs any divs earned during that period).

    26 year old European attacking midfielder
    Starting 11 in a PB league
    Playing in the CL last season
    Regular in one of the best International squads
    Strong transfer links to the top PL & European clubs
    No major injuries

  • @Chris-J erm no major injuries.....sre you sure about that? Because I'm pretty sure he had a cruciate ligament rupture in 2015/16 which kept him out for over 200 days, I'd say that's pretty major

  • @Ddr I meant during the sample 12 month holding period.

    He was hot property on the index when I first joined - just shows how far the mighty can fall.

  • @Chris-J fair enough, but wouldn't that be about the time that his transfer to liverpool fell through? Which would explain his high price back then

  • @Ddr The failed medical was back in the summer of 2018 - his price still grew rapidly up until this summer with the general consensus being that Liverpool and a number of other top clubs would be back in for him.

    I still can’t work out the logic in his move to Betis - I guess Lyon were desperate to cash in and that was the only concrete offer on the table.

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