Radja Nainggolan

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    The latest video from my Watch List series, a player who represents great value over the next 30 days.

    šŸ”¹ 3 x Bronze Match Days
    šŸ”¹ 2G & 4A in 9 Games
    šŸ”¹ PB & IPD Potential

    šŸ“ŗ Watch: https://youtu.be/stGGaTx-MOg

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  • Nainggolan was top of PB today with a GWG at one point, but then Cagliari received two red cards late on, and drew the game.

    Unlucky this time around, but he got another goal today, and two more Bronze Match Days coming up! Now at 79p, and still represents great value in the short term.

  • That double sending off was hilarious.

    It's a good story with Nainggolan and Cagliari this season. He's returned and instantly become their talisman.

    Got on him at 40p (was 35p - staggering) but got nowhere near enough.

  • @JK I was fuming. Did you see what happened?

    A typical case of being 'the big in a small pond' type player. That, and he's playing more advanced than usual.

  • @FI-Manager It was the old 'give me the ball' from the goalscorer (Lapadula). Keeper booted it away. They angrily square up (keeper about a foot taller!). Shove each other. Keeper lashes out then instantly throws himself to the ground to try and protect himself from a red card! Lapadula lays on the floor (blatantly uninjured) for 2 minutes, playing the same game. Ref waits until he gets up then sends him off as well!

    Nainggolan and Cagliari is a case of perfect timing and a perfect match. They're a solid side who set up to allow him to flourish in a role that now suits him more. And his quality's took them up a level.

    The front two of Simeone and Pedro also ensure they'll always be a threat.

    Their success this season is fully merited. They'll finish 6th or 7th.

  • @JK A pair of snowflakes, so the red cards serve them right! Lol

    Spot on. There are a few of these types of scenarios every season, and in terms of FI, you can usuaully benefit from these undervalued players coming to the fore.

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