Fiorentina vs Benevento - In Honour of Astori.

  • Without wanting to look cold hearted I expect Fiorentina to play like Lions in Honour of their Captain tomorrow lunchtime.

    You'd expect them to beat Benevento easily anyway but with emotions running so high I suspect it could be big and dominant.

    Of course I've bought some of their players but can't afford them all and don't want anyone to be suspicious of promoting my own players thus making it a team suggestion.

    Another pertinent point is that it's an 11.30 kick-off allowing for the volatility of in play betting. Especially with the new PB scoring showing GWG, Win n Loss points as they happen.

    RIP Davide and hope they do you proud.

  • @Agatello

    I expect a reaction from spurs against Bournemouth and it’s on live tv my players took a kicking and a 5-1 I expect from spurs maybe a couple from Son or kane.... I’ve not heard of some of the players involved and most are in the lower embers of FI. To buy players this late in season or Who play for either of these sides is surely looking for trouble after the match the death of the defender can and will be put to bed and the family left to grieve in peace(I hope for them) .. however to hold 200 shares in which ever guy plays his position for example on emotion is abit pie in the sky and half baked strategy! I do note a couple of 2p have been bought last night late however in some of these players it don’t cover the spread even and to jump on players with no World Cup or transfer gossip amid 2000 others is funancial suicuide the way I see it so none of my money on this if they win 2-0 and other teams score 6-0 why will it win buzz? at 1 buzz per possition. It nice to see you care about Italian football and this tragedy however I’m looking at other areas without sounding mean or cruel all eyes on this game for 90 Mins maybe before the shares are worthless again! I won’t be personaly watching this match I ain’t seen this guy play when he was alive so ain’t watching after he died to be a hypocrite has don’t know who he is! without trying to sound like I think it was Dani Alves? Who said about children die every day... Just my view! No offence and yes RIP to all I don’t know has well has him who die every day! not nice anyone dying

  • @Chicken-Badge I think you're missing the point here buddy. :-)

    Backing anyone at home vs Benevento is pretty standard.

    Finding PB opportunities pre-2pm in the bargain basement on Triple PB days is pretty standard.

    Fixture prediction and player promotion is widespread in the forum and all over twitter.

    My point is simply that the emotion in Florence will add 10% to their performance at least. From a sporting aspect I would hate to be a Benevento player right now and I think I'd struggle to perform to my optimum in those circumstances.

    This post isn't advising anyone to go long term on Fiorentina but highlighting that there "could" be a surge on some of their players including the added bonus of the game being played pre-div cut-off.

    I'm sure you appreciate the fact I haven't just bought 1 player en masse and sang his praises for personal gain.

  • Firstly I’m still learning however, I agree that this team has shipped 60 goals this season however the home teams top scorer has got 7 goals all season and they lie 10th in table. So it’s akin to betting on Brighton to beat West Brom
    I agree about match day opertunitys but betting now is about late and risky unless some large Huge twitter account has pitched it to his lemmings so they jump just before kick off I always think the best trader would of checked the fixture list upon the poor mans death and been first to react has sad as it is, however it’s not like this team have Immobile or salah or Kane or someone who is potent I maybe wrong but if a striker gets 4 goals here I’ll run butt naked around my town at midnight getting out late could be costly too! the bloke everyone’s buying is no better than Dyzuba so it’s the same kind in uneducated risk I guess short term. Has for the team who’s bottom acting unprofessional or uninspired that’s not sporting at all, has a human what I do I always give 100% and expect same of others. Just my view

    I’m not saying for one moment you want personal gain however it’s always a debate here and hence I’m at the opinion it’s risky and newbies should put money on proven players they’ve heard of not mid table v bottom however you have been here longer than me so you are possibly of better judgement and a more experienced trader unless there’s other views to counter the debate either way? Fair points?

    It’s just my reply not saying it’s right just my opinion

  • I've been working on a building site all day so haven't seen who's trending (apart from Nkunku!!). So which player is being bought that's no better than Dzyuba dude?

  • @Agatello

    Was some 40p defender. Today to me seems very slow for a Saturday on here. Might be me but not allot seems to be moving. Dzyuba made some debate due to the loan lots of volatility but not looking like he will make Russian squad allot was based around them not changing the club. I was just saying. Can’t see what you can but had a bad day anyway. You probably are right with productions but to day prematch not has much activaty has normal

  • Giovanni Simeone Is a class striker, I believe he should be on more goals than the 7 he is on, so that suggests to me he is due a few goals and where better against a team thats leaked 32 goals away from home all season and at 74p he could be a very astute buy, also Diego Someone has also one out and said he would love to coach his son one day in the future, so there could even be a surprise transfer there at some point.

  • Re: article however it’s old and it don’t shy away from the fact it’s unlikely for him to win performance buzz tomorrow I’ve many great payers in my portfolio where I’m in the que to sell that quite frankly are great prospects but by time next year or year after comes they will be swamped with an other 2000 great prospects too. I’ve several names in my sell que that are quite frankly world class and better than anyone in this dead beat poor dead mans team.. there’s players in the index who represent England under 21s and you get change out of 50p KWP man of the match v Newcastle first game of season worth penny’s

  • @Chicken-Badge Ha, and I thought I was the blunt one in this forum.

  • @SMacFI said in Fiorentina vs Benevento - In Honour of Astori.:

    @Chicken-Badge Ha, and I thought I was the blunt one in this forum.

    Sorry however this striker he’s not scored in 6 matches so couldn’t hit a cows 🐄 arse with a electric guitar 🎸(sorry I’ve no Banjo emojis)

  • Yeah it was a bad call that one I will hold my hand up to that. I got ride at a lose later in the day, if he cant score against the worst team in the league then he dont deserve a second chance.

  • @SMacFI

    There was people buying him later last night, not too sure where he is now not looked today but even if bought on the blokes death by looking and reacting quick to fixture I can’t see there being much in it. I did feel that I was abit brutal with my response to Agatello however he’s a respected member with a good reputation and liked by all in here.. and must of had a bad day with this and the IPOs not being released maybe up half the night too, trying to do them for Bernie Madoff (see related post)........ sometimes these posts are are good idea I did get the thiory behind it and I think a narrow win was great in his honour. However I was happy to debate it has everything’s up for debate on FI. Ironically the player who scored a goal wining goal early doors ain’t on the index has that was the statistic that would of seen a opertunity to be a good trader at top of your game!

  • @Chicken-Badge they're Defence had reasonable scores about 3.30pm and held back by Mustafi's goal. As you say if Hugo (was it?) was on the system there's a great chance he'd have picked up the PB Def Div.

    Always if's n but's in this game and 1-0 vs Benevento is a pretty poor result really.

    I'm more annoyed that Ric Rod has finally woken up after I sold his sorry arse!

  • @Agatello

    Yes Viktor Hugo... the irony is that would of been a huge tip of the Day has I think he may of won buzz or at least a chance of... mid and forwards was pretty much wrapped up later on... sonny’s late miss cost me and him star player but more than happy with the price uplift and £27 divs... With Dele and Kane out I’ve lamela behind son too... I seen the Llorente knock on effect... didnt know what to make of that! So sold my five shares before he starts and plays pants again if he does

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