The Mourinho effect...

  • Does anyone see any value in serge aurier at 76p, goal and assist tonight and surely first choice under mourinho at spurs. Still only 26 too although no euros to look forward too I'm the summer... What's your thoughts ?

  • @Jamestodd9 GWG and an assist from a defender should equal a PB win in my eyes, the fact that he didn’t straight away signals alarm bells for me. Not a good hold imo

  • @Andy he didn't get the game winning goal did he ? Seems cheap compared to other defenders. Think mourinho could improve him alot in terms of decision making and keeping onto the ball better.

  • I think he is a bargain at that price considering all the other players prices on FI in his position, there cant be many under a £1 that tick as many boxes.

  • @Jamestodd9 he did get GWG, it was 2-2 before he scored. He got the 3rd goal. Because he’s playing as a full back, keeping hold of the ball is irrelevant really, it’s what he does in attacking returns that really matters - ie crosses, assists, through balls. He can keep the ball as much as he wants, but you might as well buy a CB if that’s what you’re after. I wouldn’t buy him personally, more power to you if you do though.

    If it was me I’d be expecting a divs win from a defender who got GWG and an assist

  • All other Full Backs from top teams playing CL are priced at 1 pound minimum if they can deliver goals or assists

  • Yea just thinking he could surely reach £1 if he performs like tonight. I thought GWG goes to the last goal but I could be wrong? Maybe that is if the match is won to nil...

  • @Jamestodd9 In a win to-nil it’s the first goal that is GWG. In any other win it’s the goal that is the difference between the two sides, so in a 4-2 win it is the third goal that counts.

  • @Jamestodd9 he got the gwg. Olympiakos scored two, therefore Tottenham's third was the game winner.

    Now, what are your reasons for holding? Cap app? PB? IPDs? MB?

    Talk to me

  • @Lukeroro thinking maybe some cap appreciation as well as some ipds.

  • @Jamestodd9 same reasons ive bought in, give him a few weeks see how he gets on, at his price I think its relatively low risk, my only worry about holding him longer term is he is injury prone.

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