Long term strategy tips?

  • I’m pretty happy with my portfolio mostly players no older than 25 and most of them should be involved in the euros. I have put my money budget in and my strategy is let the dividends roll in and invest the dividend money into new players and it should be a no loss situation.

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    Depending on the size of your portfolio & own self discipline that's not a bad strategy. There are however many different ways to make money on FI & there are also distinct cycles that can be very profitable if you get the timing right. Examples being transfer windows will lead to speculation & MB for certain players, this Summer will see Euro's so players that are involved & go deep will attract attention & conversely those who aren't won't. Anticipating trends & getting on early are some of the most successful & profitable strategies, buying youth was great a year ago but holding over the last few months, as PB players flew, not so much.

    Timing of trades & patience are the 2 most important assets at your disposal, anyone can spot a good player but buying them too high or selling too low doesn't make for great trading. Also recognising when a player's underlying fundamentals have changed, which will lead to significant price changes is very valuable, it was clear to some that after Mourinho left Man Utd & Pogba stated he wanted to leave his MB value & price would fall, so selling was the right decision, even though historic data showed he was a dividend monster. It's therefore important to keep reassessing whether the reasons to buy or hold a player still hold true & whether their price is still in line with those fundamentals. I bought Di Maria @99p just over a month ago for a long term PB hold & his short term IPD value but when he hit £2 the gain was too much to ignore so I sold & he has subsequently fallen back below 150p & is starting to look better value again but I think he may drop to 125p before buyers are again tempted. Knowing when to cash a profit is as important as knowing when a player looks cheap but of course it's not an exact science & everyone makes mistakes but try to keep them to a minimum & allow platform growth to raise the value of your players for the best results. Over trading can be as financially bad as poor trading decisions.

  • @NewUser159387 a very good post - have yourself an upvote.

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    @NewUser159387 a very good post - have yourself an upvote.

    I'm pretty sure I've seen @NewUser159387 give some good advice before. He knows his stuff.

    I would appreciate if he gave himself an individual username, as I often get him confused with @NewUser159386 who is an absolute bellend.

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    You’ve picked a very solid strategy, which can’t be faulted.

    If / when you start looking towards new players, perhaps consider super cheap players playing and scoring / assisting regularly for clubs who are likely to get promoted to a PB league next season. It might seem early, but the sooner you invest the greater the potential profit margin. There are quite a few forwards and midfielders available in the region of 10p to 25p. The growth potential is huge and 100%, 200% or maybe even 300% profit margins are achievable, if their clubs get promoted.

  • Biggest mistake I have made is smaller spread out of shares in more players. I think it’s better going in big in players who you know are going to succeed.

    Next target might be Valverde from Real Madrid looks a good but even tho he won’t be playing in the euros.

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