Selling Advice - When to sell?

  • Looking for advice on when to sell and also about the market queue. Haven't invested loads, but a few players have made large increases in value e.g Salah Are people selling to take the profit and reinvesting their stakes or holding on for bigger profits?
    Also, can you see the market queue? Haven't used it yet, as can't get my he'd around it.

  • My tactic is to work out a players max value (based on dividend roi) and if he surpasses that then I sell. It doesn't matter how much someone's price has increased % wise u could have made 200% but there still might be more profit left. For example if u bought salah at £1 I wouldn't have sold at £5 =+500% because he clearly can go on another £2 or so.

  • Ok thanks makes sense

  • @NewUser88536 but the closer u get to there max value the more chance of people selling off so I sometimes send to market when still little left so people buy straight in.

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