Carlos Soler

  • Can anyone advice me on Carlos Soler? I’ve been monitoring him for a while now.

    92p @ starts at home to Chelsea. Links with United. What are people’s thoughts?

  • @Bezz82

    He had a significant drop recently, so now is a decent time to buy.

    In relation to him as a player, he very much comes across as being comfortable in the background, grafting away, never setting the world alight, improving slowly but surely, outside the limelight of the press.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he remains at Valencia for the foreseeable.

    He is considered first team at Valencia, and performs consistently to a decent level. Started 27 out of 31 games last season.

    Developing well in my opinion.

  • Strikes me as the typical technical, creative Spanish midfielder with good flexibility.

    He's currently at quite a safe price and is an excellent age to buy at, turning 23 in January.

  • I got him a while ago when he was out injured. Good to see him getting games now. I expect his price to up the more he plays and will hopefully see a few transfer links in Summer.

  • He is one of my bigger holds so happy to see him scoring tonight. He ticks all the right boxes for a decent move this summer or the next. Contract ending 2021 at a classic feeder club to the big teams. Decent season last year before injuries have stopped him this season. 22 y/o touching the fringes of the Spain national team.

  • I watched Soler for the first time tonight. He looked very good. Think he will fly in a better team.
    His style will also suit the PL. I’ve just topped up @ .94p. So cheap

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