Ferran Torres anyone?

  • What do we think of Ferran Torres?

    19 year old winger for Valencia who at worst will grab a Europa League spot which would probably be better for them as they would have a decent chance of going deep in that competition.

    Plays most games and plays for Spain under 21’s. For those more knowledgable of the Spain national team, what are his chances of making the squad for the Euros? Slim to nil?

    £1.54 so far and I think that might be value considering his age. Looks to like a dribble and a cross which we all know suits the current PB matrix.

    Just bought a speculative 100 today but wanted some assurances before getting more.

  • funnily enough i researched this guy earlier today. wasnt impressed with what i read. his stats suck, so does his PB.


  • A good hold for transfer spec which has gathered pace over the past few weeks.

    Clubs linked with him include Liverpool, Barca, Juve, B Dortmund.

  • yeah you may get some capital gains from a potential move. but he wont return many dividends based on stats, and for that reason as well i struggle to see a big club spending 100m on him.

  • Held 500 got out at a small profit as just couldn’t see him producing the dividends as his pb wasn’t great but still young enough to turn things round in the future just don’t see it this season

  • Never watched him but have read numbers on Index Gain so know he's a bad, bad player who will never be any good. Those scouts must all be stupid

  • Cheryshev will probably take his place when he come back fit.

  • @JK read the article rather than make unhelpful sarcastic comments.

    Rubbish record of goals and assists, and his dribbles and general creativity is way lower than all top wingers. Just gets linked because he’s young and playing for a top tier side.

    Have scouts suggested buying him? Do you know scouts/managers of top teams personally to know this? Or is that just more media rubbish?!

    Highly doubt anyone will spend 100m on him.

    And as far as this forum and FI goes, yeah funnily enough PB scores are important lol.

  • At his age stats and PB scores are far less significant than talent, which he has plenty of along with athleticism.

  • @JK athleticism? He’s a 19 year old professional sportsman, of course he’s got athleticism lol.

  • Sorry. Should have said that he has good athleticism, relative to the other professional sportsmen who typically share the football pitch with him.

  • @JK
    Mbappe 20
    Sancho 19
    Rodrygo 18
    Torres 19

    That’s the calibre of young players. 100m? Having a laugh. All entitled to our opinions, you just rubbed me up the wrong way with unhelpful sarcastic comments with no grounding and supported with nothing! I was being helpful giving advice on a player from what I’ve researched - surely the whole point of a forum? I may prove to be wrong, but I doubt it. You’ll see. He’ll be at Valencia for a long time!

  • @chaps1988

    He averages 100 from his last PB games, thats not too bad, no GWG in there either. He's been used loads from the bench last season and at the start of this one, i have watched their last few games and he is starting to perform a lot more consistently, hes an excellent dribbler. I think he has the potential to be a very very good player.

    Is he the 3 teenagers you quoted level? No, but those are the best talents of this generation playing i better teams.

    I do value stats and use index gain heavily myself but they aren't the only thing, check out some of the other players aged 19 or below. Reiss Nelson, Vinicius, Kubo, Brewster, Moise Kean.

    He's playing more regularly and more impressively than all of those ive listed imo.

  • @FI_IPOSCOUT Yeah and those players aren’t worth 100m. My point was that I don’t see a big club spending 100m on him when compared to other players, he isn’t in the same league. Far better options! And as this thread started, I don’t see him as a great FI investment as his goals and assists ratio is very poor. But each to their own...

  • Labeled as one of biggest spanish talents, his recent rise I think has more to do with his potential move (as his contract is running out), than with his current stats and performance.
    Benefited from change in manager, Celades pledges to club owner in giving play time to Ferran and Kang-In, even if they're not ready to be regular starters in a team that wants to get a UCL spot.

    His stats are clearly worse than some other options in the wing, and he seems far from being a PB candidate.
    I bought some shares when I started in FI, being spanish myself I knew there was hope in him but hadn't seen him play that much. After having followed him closely for the last couple of months, he doesn't shine currently, stats don't lie and he doesn't seem to have a huge influence in the team just yet.
    Based on this I've now sold all my shares with a decent profit, I prefer to put my money in players I personally believe more in and, even at that age, show more promise in their stats.
    He's gifted technically and I'd say he can develop to be a good player, but I struggle to see him becoming a superstar. Not sure if the links to big clubs are truly there or it's more of the agent's manouevres to get a top deal at Valencia soon.

    Unless he really becomes the main player at Valencia in the coming months, I don't think he has a place in Spain's squad for the Euro's, even with the decline in talent in the national team.

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