Reece James!

  • @Staggz88 Was up all sorts but seems a lot of people have instant sold as the match went on. I'm still holding for the long term. Possible England call up if he becomes a regular starter for Chelsea... Hopefully lol

  • Held him for ages then sold for £2 when the youngsters were being sold, and before the full backs flew.

    Had to get back on. Tonight could represent a step up for him. I see TAA levels of potential with him, and likely Euros squad inclusion. Not only is he good with crosses and set pieces but he involves himself a lot in the game generally, in central areas as well as wide. Superb player in the making. Won't have to wait till next season to be first choice.

  • Really impressed by him so far this season, but please shelve the talk of an England call up. Lads only 19, and only played twice for the U’21s, England are quite stacked at right back so no need for him to be rushed!

  • Not saying he will just saying he could if he has a breakthrough season. And yes he could be the next TAA. England have a great young team for the euros 100%.

  • He'd be good at RCB if England went back to a back 3. Can also cover central midfield.

  • Looks a top player and can only get better. Be interesting to see his score in games where chelsea have more of the ball.

    The next TAA🤩💰💰🤣

  • Think people are getting a bit over excited with this lad, think some people are gonna get stung on buying him

  • What was his pb score without the 1.25 multiplyer?

  • @Tom77 181 with the multiplier which equates to 145 without.

  • Just a word of warning, people are buying this lad cause they think he fits the current PB matrix, by the time this guy becomes a regular and reaches his potential there’s every chance FI would’ve changed the matrix in order to favour full backs less.

  • @ChazFI123 That's the risk in buying players for future PB potential over current PB winners.

  • Everyone saying the next TAA but England can only play one or the other! Added AWB and Trippier (discount Walker as he seems to be out the sqaud for now) then I wouldn't say he's a certain for the Euros.

  • @Neil2265 I'd say he has very little chance of making the Euros. In a 23 man squad you could argue that TAA will be the only dedicated RB and Gomez will be in as RB/CB cover freeing up space for an extra creative player.

  • No chance of making the euros to many in front of him and not even a dead cert for Chelsea,well over priced imo

  • @MUFC It's the area of the market that's booming though. Any young player showing PB potential is flying at the moment - the market is very clearly looking for the next TAA, the next Kroos.
    It's a narrowed down version of the youth focus that was there before the dividend increase.

  • It's a matter of opinions. And In my opinion he's a good hold. Doesn't mean he actually will be.

  • @janner73 totally agree it's a great if your on fairly early, I think he is a huge risk though now, if he doesn't play for couple games or posts few poor scores he will drop quite heavily, it was a big over reaction early doors in yesterday's game, didn't post a fantastic score in the end, I hold ghiglione who posted 160 on Monday and is 55p and 22, would be a safer hold but not as lucrative with cap app but will win divs this season I feel

  • @MUFC Absolutely - wouldn't go near him at that price.

  • Reece James starts again today! This could be the real test for him. Against a team Chelsea will be expected to dominate again. His PB score today could either cause a big rise or a drop. So big day for Reece James holders in my opinion

  • That’s a fairly good score with no assists, goals, clean sheet or win

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