The curious case of Andrea Belotti...

  • Is he actually good or did he just have one decent season? Was linked with Man Utd and Chelsea in the summer along win Milan, Real Madrid and others but his price has never risen massively. I owned some for a while but then sold to reinvest elsewhere. I'm tempted to buy back but he hardly ever scores anymore and I'm beginning to think he was a one season wonder.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts? For his price and if he could rediscover his form he could be an absolute steal.

  • He was one of my first buys, he had a nice increase and then went off injured, came back during and injured again, just started playing but has been poor so far, he is the classic centre forward who won’t do much during the game (so low PB scores)
    If he can get some form in the remaining games of the season he may have a few suitors although names of teams and price won’t be anywhere near what mentioned last year (Chelsea and Man U, also Milan almost bought him for some 80m but then pulled out)
    My feeling is that he will stay at Torino one more year and then move on to a better team if he does well but as it stands yes to the one year wonder theory
    No WC for him, may have some transfer speculation during the summer perhaps so could be worth a punt for those patient and hopeful enough to have him sitting in the portfolio for 5 months in the hope of something eventually moving

  • @Ermejo sod it ive bought 100 now he's dipped to £1.20. He'll definitely get some interest in summer. I can wait for the increase.

  • I followed him close and went very big on him. Last season hopping for a chelsea transfer as thought he suited them berervas Costa's replacement than Morata, but his hugevrelease clause messed that up, i have washed my hands of him now a long tine ago infact. He is in bad form and stull had a 100 million euro price tag

  • I've read a few reports now about Conte wanting him if he is the PSG manager next year. Supposedly he's top of the wish list.

  • @John-Renwick I think based on his record that one season he's bound to have interest. Too many clubs have been looking at him in the past for no one to take a punt.

  • @Stevo I think what there doing is, linking all the players Conte wanted at Chelsea , but didnt get, and now saying when or if he gets the PSG job, basically this will be his wish list of players.

  • @SMacFI you're probably right mate but as long as they keep printing it in the papers and it bumps his price up I'm not bothered where he is at the beginning of the next serie A season.

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