What is wrong with the current Matrix?

  • It's probably universally accepted the new Matrix is better than the old - but it doesn't mean it's perfect.

    The closer we can get it to "real life" football the quicker the "Average Joe" who joins the platform will have of getting to grips with things.

    We all must want what happens on the pitch & in real life to mirror Football Indexes share prices - that has to be the end goal.

    So I ask, what would current users like to see changed on the PB Matrix? 🤔

    I'll start....

    Crosses are currently awarded 3 points
    Accurate crosses are awarded 4 points

    I in no way want to devalue crosses, hence why I wouldn't be in favour of penalising players for attempting crosses, but crosses that lose possession & don't meet their intended target - shouldn't be awarded 3 points. They should be scored a value of zero.

    Here is the current matrix:-


  • One thing I would like to see is some kind of multiplier or bonus for multiple goals scored by a player, possibly something like 10/15 for each extra goal ??

  • @weerab said in What is wrong with the current Matrix?:

    One thing I would like to see is some kind of multiplier or bonus for multiple goals scored by a player

    It would certainly aid the standard No.9 type forward players.

  • @Ericali even if it’s just for hat tricks and not every goal there’s always been something special about scoring a hat trick , it nearly always wins the game for your team and it’s what everyone goes away talking about so should be the higher rewarder for me

  • @weerab it's a fair assessment.

    In real life, football clubs pay a premium for these type of players yet in football index terms these players aren't exactly the hottest tickets in town.

  • Besides the fact, that the matrix sheet could do with some structure.

    I wouldn't mind a winning goal bonus for assists. The assist can be equally as important in a winning goal as the goal and should be awarded some extra points compared to a normal assist.

  • I completely agree on the crosses. Attacking play should be rewarded but you shouldn't get points just for aimlessly crossing the ball - successful crosses could possibly be increased to 5 points and nothing for attempting a cross.
    I'm wary of awarding too many more points for goals scored because I, personally, don't want it to change from the crossers index to the scorers index. A hattrick bonus of maybe 10/15 points could be awarded as they are special.
    Big chance missed I would like to see reduced in its impact as I think it can be too harsh so maybe a change to -5 instead of -10.
    The other change I would make is to reward progressive passes more than sideways or backwards passes. I'm not sure how easy this will be based on what data is available from OPTA but players who are moving the game forward should be rewarded more.

  • How about 20 points awarded for the player on the pitch with the most distance covered? 🤔

    It would make those DM's who are often unheralded yet often vital to their teams cause a little more valuable too.

  • @janner73 And forgot one more. Defenders should get more points for a goal than a forward as it's far rarer. So maybe a defender goal is 55 points versus 45 points for midfielders and forwards?

  • @Ericali That will forever be known as the Kante boost.

  • For me increasing goalkeeper clean sheets from 40 to 50 points. A small tweek to try and get goalkeepers more interest.

  • I'd say crosses that are met by an opposition's head etc should have the "misplaced pass" deduction applied. (Edit; I've just realised this would make an inaccurate cross 0 points so up a cross to 4 and that way you still get a point for the attempt!)

    And I said this last time but Game Winning Goal should be just that - the goal that wins the game. So the third goal for a team winning 3-2. If it's 3-0 then no GWG should be awarded.

    I mean Goretzka got GWG points for scoring the first in a 6-0 rout! Do you think it was his goal at 1-0 that made the opposition think "ok that's that, we've lost this game now!"? It makes no sense

  • Conceptually I understand that a perfect matrix will mean that most footy fans can watch a game, agree roughly who was motm... Go check the pb scores and see a similar agreement.

    But in reality I think people want the unattainable. The best players in the world have intangible assets... How can a pts matrix ever understand VVD leadership qualities... Or reading of the game when he can just use body Shape to block a player run, or shepherd the ball back to his keeper.

    How can the matrix decide between a silly foul that puts your team in trouble, and a tactical foul that saves your team a goal?

    If a team has two banks of 4 defending deep and narrow... Maybe high volume of low % crosses is your best tactic to win, as you will win all the second balls and disrupt their shape.

    The game of football can't be boiled down to a fixed pt scoring system. So any matrix is going to fail before it begins. I'd like some tweaks... Like getting rid of gwg, or making it more dynamic depending on game situation (tho again, subjective and impossible to configure a computer to do this). But essentially I think it's futile...

    Cbs are losing out to fbs... Erm let's boost headers (suddenly realise a team like Burnley don't play out from the back and have more gks and free kicks in their own half than anyone, and they always play long ball and before we know it Jeff hendrick is king of the Index and everyone is crying again...

    Whatever changes are made, itl take very little time for a clear set of pb suited players to emerge and the complaints will start again

    For me the most important thing is to pick a matrix and stick to it for a sustained period of time. If FI came out and said... We are using this pb matrix until June 2021...i would instantly get more friends on the platform as I would have faith in my recommendations on who to buy. I havent recommended the product to anyone since the split because the goalposts are changing too much... And I don't want to advise someone to buy TAA and kimmich... For three weeks later TAA to be fucked by the matrix and kimmich to be fucked by position etc.

  • GK more points a save and 50pt clean sheet make more competitive. Like idea bonus 35 points for hat trick big risers in goalscorers in that case. Perhaps few pts extra for CD make them more competitive although feel they still competitive at minute had Ramos and Leipzig cd PB win

  • @ScouseSte Agree broadly with both of your points Scouse. I think an inaccurate cross should just be treated as a pass - so 1 point. Different approach to you but the same outcome. Why an attempted cross should be worth 3* more valuable than an attempted pass is a mystery - it is more likely to result in a loss of possession for starters. Maybe as it is a more attacking action, we could settle on 2 points, but 3 is too much.

    GWG to be only awarded for the decisive goal in a clutch game makes sense as well, but i do suspect if this was changed it would devalue forwards even more. Last night i benefited from Dortmund scoring against Barca to make it 3-1, which boosted Messi's score and reduced Suarez's. Barca were 3-0 up so Dortmund's goal made no impact on the result, and to say it was Messi's goal that "gave Barca the win" is a huge oversimplification. Maybe if it was 1-1, and then Messi scored, it would feel more like a winning goal.

    If GWG was to be scrapped or made more complex though, i feel there would have to be something else added in support of forwards. Perhaps a bigger reward for attempted shots as currently they only get 3 points, same as a cross, and you lose 10 if you miss a big chance.

  • @Vespasian32 I agree with most of this - and there will absolutely never be a perfect matrix. And even if there was it wouldn't be for long as the game and tactics change constantly.
    The best we can ask for is a PB matrix that generally feels like it is rewarding the players that we all know and accept are the best in the world and pushing those players towards the top of the index.
    The changes made for this season were significant and was a huge step in that direction. I definitely don't ever want to see that big a change to the matrix again and I don't think we need to.
    That being said, some small tweaks to further improve it are something I feel can be made. Fully understand why you wouldn't recommend to friend at the moment but equally it's important that new users feel the matrix makes sense.
    A misplaced pass gets -3 points, a misplaced cross gets +3 points which fundamentally doesn't feel quite right to me - both lose possession.
    I will never be one of the people who moans and says "Player X scored a hat-trick and didn't win PB, the matrix is broken" - on a gold day there are typically 700-800 players competing and the matrix attempts to find the best performer which is no easy task!
    We are close to having something that's a pretty good reflection that just needs very minor tweaking.

  • Trent would plunge about 4 quid if you took his misplaced crosses out.

    Most of the "he isn't playing well but he is scoring highly still" is because of these crosses.

  • Not alot of love for GWG. Understandable. A GWG does often propel a not so exceptional PB score to a very competitive score and obviously that can be a frustration to holders of popular holds such as Kroos and TAA who pass/cross there way to mammoth scores without troubling the goalkeeper. With no GWG those guys would get an easier ride for sure in securing dividends. Personally though I'd lament the loss of GWG. When your 10 minutes from the end of a game and your within reasonable distance of TAAs PB score surely you want your man to be scoring a goal not shouting 'Come on Nathan Redmond just 10 more flaming accurate crosses. Is that too much to ask'.

  • Add hat trick bonus 15pts
    Reduce attempted crosses to 1pt
    Reduce gwg by 5-10pts
    Increase defender goal 5-10pts
    I like the idea of the 10-20pt bonus for most distance covered but fear attacking full backs could be the big winners with this.

  • @Dalien-Smith I don't think we'll ever lose GWG. FI, as the house, need something that can provide a little randomness and gwg is it.

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