Champions League: Which Non PB Team Can Go The Furthest

  • After Ajaxs great run in Champions League last season a whole number of their stars saw significant price rises. We are at the business end of the group stages now. There's quite a few non pb teams in the hunt. Ajax top their group. Shaktar and Zenit occupy qualifying positions at present. The one team though that has arguably the most money pumped into their players, RB Salzburg are intriguingly placed. If they unthinkably defeat Liverpool in the next round they would likely knock the champs out. A big price bonanza if that happened and its not totally beyond the realms of possibility.

    But who do you think from the non pb teams can make an impression further in the competition and what players would you suggest are most likely to gain on the index.

  • @Dalien-Smith personally I think it be better for RBS to finish 3rd in the group and drop to the EL. I think they could have a realistic chance of winning the competition. Plus there’s more games also

  • @Dalien-Smith This year's Ajax will be...……..

  • Hoping for Zenit to finish third, to increase the potential value of my one Zenit defender.

    Agree with Ajax being in a good run again

  • Ajax look the better equipped of all them. It's largely last year's team but some great youngsters in there that could rise(Dest et al). Promes has been awesome this season. At 27 I'm not sure he has a big move left in him but you never know. He should have involvement in Euros.

  • Just love watching Ajax, Ziyech is a bit of me, absolute magician on the ball!

  • Status quo this year boys, Real, Bayern, Barca, Juve, English teams and PSG.

  • @ChazFI123 Completely agree, Ziyech I think is one of the most underrated ballers in World football. He pulls strings for Morocco (orchestrating the play making it tick) and for Ajax he has proven scores and assists a key player for them.

    Cannot for the life of me understand teams like Man Utd, Spurs, Arsenal overlooking him in my opinion.

  • I fully expect a PB team to win champions League but there are some decent non pb teams out their with value players within their ranks that could fly. Driussi is only 40 odd p but continued pb exposure could see players like him rise? No?

  • People talk about Pochetinno too in high regard and rightly so but the Ajax manager another class act.

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