If you had is IS one of these players...

  • Afternoon all,
    If you had is IS one of these players...how and why?

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  • @gball1975 Tomori simply put, that’s an outrageous price for a non scoring non clean sheet capable non youth CB.
    Ander could rise if he sees some game time but he’s only 18 I think so time will tell.
    Don’t know anything bout the other bloke.

  • @Gregolocky I concur with that but I think hopefully he will sell on his own hopefully when games occur.
    It's mainly the other 2 I need to decide on. 🤔

  • All shit now... IS or back them long term, especially ander and pedroso.. Top up over time.

    Short term... Not gona make much money or market sell.

  • @Vespasian32 even at those spreads???

  • @gball1975 if you want to sell... You are unlikely to market sell in the near future. So how quickly do you want the money? Is it for withdrawal or reinvestment? If reinvesting... Who and how many shares? Youl have to weigh up how quickly you can recover the loss, compare to holding these long term.

    As I say, if you aren't desperate for the money, I'd top up and hold (maybe not tomori). But if you've spied an opportunity in the market... Why hold failing assets?

  • @Vespasian32 exactly sir, IPOs that went a bit pear shaped, could easily make the lose back probably over the weekend.
    But...currently need to wait anyway as IS shut for them currently. But all will be sold as soon as.

  • @gball1975 I did the same with Tomori, he was the one i wanted this batch, missed it completely then bought anyway. terrible trading on my part, tried market selling him for a good number of days, maybe even longer but ended up ISing him which i hate doing, but what @Vespasian32 said just there if you can make it back quicker than holding long term, it makes sense. That few minutes of loss is an uneasy feeling but there are so many players rising at the moment, pick the right one/s and you will soon be recovering it.

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