Neymar plummeting? Why?

  • Is there any reason why his price continues to drop day by day?

  • Lack of divs recently, but they will come if he gets fit and plays game after game! We just haven't seen the real Neymar for a long time now.

  • @Westy patience is a virtue then 😉

  • I reckon quite a bit of money went in expecting an announcement that would create the typical post announcement rush to buy the best players.
    The announcement is great... But not going to cause an immediate boom so makes the top guys less attractive short term.

    Can be form/fitness too... Dipped in and out of the season so far... Hasn't won divs for a while.

    I'm holding... Not surprised or alarmed by his minor dip.

  • He can be the Kroos of fwds soon, once people see the proof, they'll want in. He needs to win a couple back to back like the good ol times...

  • Those that have witnessed his dividend greatness will hold and top up on any decent dips. Others must be wondering why we don't cash in or why anyone will spend that much to hold.
    Euros don't help, but he will be with Brazil for copa.
    Fitness doesn't help, but he can mend.
    Psg saga has pros and cons.
    Transfer has pros and cons.
    But Messi saying he's out soon is great news for Neymar holders.
    He was a pb beast before matrix tweaks, the tweaks support his style!

  • I've heard on Twitter he's become the new Arsenal player manager. I couldn't get my money out fast enough 😐

  • I own, but I'd be lying if I said I hadnt thought about getting rid. His injury record since being at PSG is absolutely dire, and its alot of money tied up in someone who can barely make 25 games a season. But I'm holding out hoping for a change (optimistic maybe lol)

  • 5 games in the 2 weeks coming up for him, I'm expecting he'll be back to his old self very soon. PSG making it deep into the Champions League this season will only be good for holders. However, I am also slightly concerned about his injury record.

    I will be holding for the next month or so and then reassess in January. Note: I hold 200.

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