Barella or Pavard

  • Simple question...thoughts on jumping on Barella or Pavard?
    Barella injured but rising slowly already after last weeks dip.
    Pavard playing the PB game well and could be a beast and see a rise like Kimmich had.


  • ive had the same decision to make today too. ended up going for barella in the end. He's guaranteed to go back to £1.50 once playing again in january,
    Pavard is getting some great scores and has quite rightly shot up recently. however i try and steer away from players who have recently shot up (in this case 40% in a week, which is huge!). still a good hold, but not sure its the time to buy

  • Pavard for me, playing right back now and getting consistently good Pb,lots of crosses and would rocket if kimmich is ever made a midfielder plus euros with France. Barella on the other hand is competing with sensi,brozovic and candreva at inter and Jorginho,verratti,sensi etc for Italy-a better player in real life than on the index imo.

  • @Manu Barella gets in ahead of Sensi in Italian team and at Inter Barella gets in ahead and Conte firs others around. Conte called him is general when he got injured. I hold both, may tweek up my Barellas and the rest on Pavard.

  • Both good players but I only hold barella. That’s purely as I missed the boat with paverd. For me barella will be £2 plus around the time of the euros

  • I'd go Pavard. Looks set to carry on at rb while Sule is out long term. French rb too.
    Can earn you divs now.

    I'm still to be persuaded that Barella will earn decent divs.

  • Barella for me. Will rise once back from injury. Abit biased as I hold him aswell

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