Jason Denayer - Justified price?

  • Firstly, hello all! First topic entry, so here it goes:

    I currently hold quite a lot of Denayer and he's dropped to 75p. When something like this happens I usually ask would I still buy him at this price. For me the answer is still a yes.

    Interested to hear what the rest of you think.

    I believe he broke the record for amount of passes in a game recently. He weighs in with long balls and could be a threat in the air. I think his dip is due to Lyon's current form and the better PB potential of full backs.

    I still have quite a lot of these passing CB's and think they will rise again (due to their high average scoring)

    Thoughts? Would you recommend holding strong or try to move some money out of him?


  • @Gerrd19 personally in the same position, he has a good base score & needs a goal or couple of assists to build his score up but think he’ll win PB couple of times this season (already won previously) & will be in the Belgium squad pushing hard for a starting place at the Euros

  • @Uncle-G I think Lyon will have to turn their fortunes around. Athough, maybe a run in Europa League wouldn't be too bad. As I say, I'd still buy him now, but seeing the full backs getting the joy casts some doubt!

  • Yes. We saw the other night 3 cbs going for the Def divs- TAA and Kimmich weren't playing. As we get deeper into the season we will see more cb wins.

    And like you say, high averages may be rewarded in a TOTM div or similar.

    If they adapt the matrix next season, CBs will most likely be improved.

    Euros- only 3 games a day? So plenty of opportunities.

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