All Time P&L

  • Hi, I’ve been on the in the platform about 3 months, something I’ve noticed... My all time P&L seems to be out by 90p, anyone else found there’s isn’t correct, or is it just me? The calculation seems straightforward enough. Any thoughts would be appreciated, cheers.

  • Are you referring to the new all time P&L summary on the app?

    If so, mine’s 66p out. I’ve always just ignored it, but it would be nice if they fixed it. (Assuming my workings are right, of course!)

    Also, the all time P&L percentage looks like it is worked out from “Gross P&L / deposits”

    In my spreadsheet I’ve got it as “Gross P&L / (deposits - withdrawals)”

    Surely that is a truer reflection. It makes my % look better, too, so would be better for FI if they changed that as all of the braggers on Twitter doing marketing for them will look even better! 😂

    Maybe one @FI_Mark can help with?

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