Guidance sought....

  • I have only recently started. I had some really good initial success having taken advantage of the risk free offer. Got a little carried away and deposited a good chunk (which i am happy to play with). In the two weeks since i have made what i now realise are stupid trading mistakes and am now just breaking even.
    My plan is to make 50% return by the start of next season. Is the following port too risky not diverse enough etc? I'd be grateful for thoughts of more experienced traders.

    In roughly equal holdings in value

    Christian Gunter

  • Looks absolutely fine to me 477, I hold 3 of them and see them all as good things.

  • Yep good port, if you hit 50% cap app on any of the players I would sell to market and reinvest where you see value 👍🏻

  • Over the next 12 months you should see 50% with them but I would sell any if you reach that point first.
    You will experience dips in them though but you could get a huge rise off one game - thats when I would sell and reinvest.

  • I may have said it already, but with only 5 players you can absolutely have a +50%, but you should know you can also have a -25% (let’s stay optimistic given FI growth). A 5-players portfolio it’s just not diversified enough to prevent drops due to injuries, players staying on bench, players not playing EURO20, etc

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