Verona vs Roma

  • Had a good discussion the other night regarding Roma, particularly their midfield and a pb fight between Pellegrini and Veretout. Throw Kluivert in the mix and highly thought of Cengiz Undër, aswell as one of the top pb defenders in Kolorov and makes them an interesting FI team so here’s my predictions for tonight, feel free to laugh at them and call me an idiot :)

    Pellegrini to look like a good hold... until he gets subbed after 70 mins.

    Veretout to look like a good hold... and score a solid 100-200 without threatening a winning score.

    Under to show some moments of pure class.. and give the ball away too often to threaten pb before being hooked off after an hour.

    Kolarov to upset holders of all the players above (including me) when we all realise he actually takes most set pieces so is the biggest pb threat. Shame he is 87 years old.

    Kluivert to show he is the second best player in his family.

    No Roma player to threaten pb today, and we all switch to Madrid v Barca at half time.

  • @Thatguy
    You forgot Davide Santon 😉

  • @Vaughany

    Does he deserve a mention? Not sure I’ve actually seen him play so couldn’t really comment but must be hard to take def pb off Kolorav and Smalldini?

  • @Thatguy
    Very unlikely. Being a full back helps but at 19p (when I bought) I'm not expecting miracles. An odd IPD and/or some capital appreciation and I'll be happy.

  • 19p for a starting full back in a pb league is a pretty good shout mate. I would buy a few now if I had any funds, not much to lose at 21p anyway.

  • @Thatguy
    That's what I thought. In truth, he's probably behind Florenzi in the pecking order but he is struggling with injuries this year so Santon is getting more game time. If Roma can get through to the next stages of the Europa League then those extra fixtures should hopefully mean more rotation and more games for Santon. We'll see!

  • Sofyan Amrabat to post a 400 PB

  • If the game remains competitive then Lo Pell could play the full 90, but if they are winning comfortably by 70 mins then yea we may see him get subbed out.

  • First corner Pellegrini. Looks like that’s one of my predictions down the toilet.

  • Perotti taking pens above Veretout, Kluivert off injured, Amrabaat yet to hit 400.

  • Whats the story with that? Was delighted to see peno for Roma and switched on to see jordan hopefully slot one home only to be horrified to see perotti stepping up...😨

  • Perotti had some problems, it seemed like they wanted him to score - quite normal in many teams

  • Veretout holders don't panic - Perotti won't usually be on the pitch for Roma.

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