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  • Ok so I’ve posted a fair few times that I’m happy to ride out dips, having read what a lot of the more experienced forum members have posted this happens and from Jan to the Euro most players should see a rise.

    However with my profit now dropping below 2% overnight I’m looking for reassurances on a couple of my holds or reasons why I should just simply bail; I’m not a short term player or traditional gambler so I don’t get the buzz for quick wins and I’m happy with a steady increase in CA and dividends. My plan all along was to be here for about 2 years and look to leave with a profit of 50% ish to pay for a honeymoon.

    I hold in batches of 50 or 100 to ensure my risk is spread, so never thought I’d win big but more slow and steady.

    Neymar down 11p
    Pogba down 20p
    Ronaldo down 32p
    Fairly happy with these will come good either with transfer speculation, actual moves and the Euros (Pogba and Ronaldo)

    TAA down 31p
    Sabitzer down 38p
    Halstenberg down 10p
    Gundogan down 15p
    Depay down 6p
    Bought these late as my funds were slow coming; I still believe they’ll provide decent dividends and should increase i the run up to the Euros.

    Guendouzi down 13p
    Had a big drop from the high he was on hoping for new manager bounce and a post back into the French squad; still young what am I missing?

    Alcacer down 13p
    First player I’ve rebought earlier isn’t he season provided good IPDs was just returning from injury but the dropped.
    Plea down down 11p
    Same bought as he returned from injury but then followed another drop.

    Weghorst down 16p
    Stubbornly held, he scores he goes up on the day 1-2p then drops again

    Dilrosun down 8p
    From my research should be doing better and purchased with Euros in mind.

    Terrier down 19p
    What’s the deal with this bloke? Should be over £1 but despite starting everyone seems to be avoiding or bailing

    Lindelof down 11p
    One of my first buys, hoping for an increase nearer the Euros or if OGS gets the boot

    Ntcham down 6p
    Tait down 8p
    Both fairly young and good players, which Ntcham isn’t in a PB league scores well for Celtic in Europe and Tait has always shown promise.

    Cozza down 5p
    Bongonda down 13p
    Both young purchased for CA and potential bigger moves, starting to doubt both a little.

    I also hold Goal keepers pre EJ I might add and whilst I should have sold then I held and I’m down 4-6p on each of those I hold.

    I appear not to be a complete numpty and have some good holds who has increased well like Kane, Kroos, Savanier, Pavard, Thuram, Skov, Tolisson, Saliba, Ait Nouri, Cartagena and Gotze. With the rest all a + of 1-3p.

  • Guendoozi, sorry for spelling - just not a good FI player. Never likely to win PB or MB even if he starts every game for France.

    I’m also a TAA holder. Liverpool will play lots of games he is bound to get best defender in next month or so and will likely start for a England too. I wouldn’t worry about him.

  • Terrier I got rid of last week. Barely ever IS but the spread was small so I went for it. Doesn't seem to be in the team and when he is not doing too well.
    Money better spent somewhere else at least short term.
    Will probably look again at the end of the season depending who gets sold at Lyon (normally 1 or 2) which could improve his chances.

  • @Sav2000 Cozza is out for the season with an ACL injury.
    Bongonda was hyped on the forum but not sure he's done anything to justify that hype hence the drop.
    Terrier whilst playing recently isn't really delivering the PB scores.
    Some of the others you just need to be patient with - money is moving to EPL players ahead of the European winter breaks but the market will be booming in January.

  • If you are indeed a long term trader I wouldn't worry too much about any drops.

    One bit of advice I will give thought is don't buy anyone who has had a recent surge.

    Try & look for players doing the opposite, those who are at the bottom of their dip & have the opportunity to go the the opposite direction with a change of fortune.

    These type of holds generally won't bleed out on you, as they have had there dips or are flat-lining & won't go much lower.

    For long term investors, these are "safe" options.

  • When you buy long term holds, as I'd classify most of those players, you have to ride the dip. If you get into dip and can't handle it you lose big time cos after the dip these guys are going to rocket.

    Its too late now to panic, cos the sell queues are busy and people are selling not buying. Buckle up. Don't log in for a while and avoid temptation of IS

  • If you don't 'need' to withdraw for a good while just sit back and ride the dip. I think most you listed will at least get back to where you bought and many will go above and beyond and I'm sure in time some of those will be worth significantly more than today.

    I recently sold my Ronaldo, he just isn't doing it at Juventus (at least for me anyway). The tough Euro draw also convinced me on that one and I don't see him rising much more if at all. I don't hold Pogba and wouldn't now at his price. MB changes have significantly lessened his value IMO and I would move him on.

  • Cheers for the replies long day at work so just catching up-

    @janner73 thanks for the heads up, no idea how I missed that pat ACL news all makes perfect sense, I’ll just wait for his return and see how he goes into next season.

    @Ericali yeah I know a bit of FOMO with my funds arriving late; but my plan was always to buy dividend earners and use the divs to buy lower priced CA players - they’re funding my Lowen De Roon shares currently.

    @Vespasian32 oh I’m buckled in nice and tight, crash helmet on and air bags ready to deploy 😬 just not nice seeing the red. IS’ing that’s just a dirty word

    @Webbinho im confident (as you can be) with big Ron and stroppy Paul just got to wait it out I guess. Or cry a lot come June.

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