My first year on FI....

  • Been here for just over a year now with a £1k investment making around a 89% return.

    Most of my profit has came through cap app with around £75 in divs returned. My best buys were Madison at 2.29, Sancho and Maguire before things got crazy.

    I’ve made countless mistakes though, buying and selling Chilwell, Alejandro Gomez, Grealish, Ricardo P way before I should have...they went on to double and more.

    Portfolio has changed now to a selection of more established players.

    TAA - purchased too high
    B Fernandes
    N Murru

    My big hope for the next 12 months is Havertz. He looks destined for a big move and is still reasonably priced.

    I’ve learnt I can make impulsive decisions that cost me. It is nearly always a poor decision to buy a player on a spike for IPD purposes.

    When buying a player I must remember to ask myself why. They either need to be an established PB or have a reason as to why they could grow further.

    In terms of the format I’m surprised FI has still fails to allow basics on the app such as cancelling a market sale. IPOs remain a mystery to me too, have never got involved.

    Overall a successful year and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will grow further.

  • Well done - you need to be wary of purchasing too high. 👍

    As you admit, you can get badly burnt on it. When people have BIG rises (Kroos, TAA) they are likely to have a drop off that follows.

    If you buy at the end of the rise - you could be left looking at the red for a while.

    Alli & Grealish I personally would be wary of too. Not because they are bad players - but because of the rapid percentage rise of the increase.

    It's boom & bust mentality - and many can get caught in the crossfire.

  • @Archer22 hi, welldone on your roi

    Just a quick point, you can cancel a market listing. If you go into your portfolio and swipe the player left then it gives you the option to cancel the listing

  • I'm more aless one year in 57pc profit take that. Likewise few players regret selling, don't feel this season Kroos/TAA over priced not with euro 2020 as well as European knockout football on the horizon.

  • Weirdly I was going to post a thread this week to celebrate my first year on FI... so I'll hijack yours if that's OK.

    I think we have a similar story - I've invested a total of £5000, and on the face of it I have 87% ROI (including cap app, dividends, and bonuses). However, the caveat is that I started with £1000, put £3000 more in February time, and then a final £1000 in June - so my ROI is actually well over 100%.

    My trading style is passive, with a view to the long term. I have 120 players, covering a range of opportunities - MB, PB, establish stars, promising youngsters, and complete cheap punts.

    I should note that I have £381 in dividends in that time, so just over £1 a day average, and I don't reinvest them, so that also reduces my maximum potential ROI slightly.

    It's been a fun year for sure.

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