Marcel sabitzer

  • Just wondering peoples thoughts on this boy? Been watching him for a while wondering when to get on, he's dropped quite a bit over the last month, just wondering if i'm missing something? Seems to post not bad pb scores, pops in with a goal and assist once in a while, Leipzig doing well in league and Europe and will play for Austria in euro's.

  • I got out at 30p a share profit.

    Just thought 2.90 was too high at the time after doubling in price in quick time. One of the few good decisions i have made recently.

    Looks a quality player though so wouldn't be shocked if he went back that way if bigger clubs came in for him.

  • I was thinking the same at the time he was a bit high, but with the recent fall and what he's got going for him, might be the right time. As a wise man once said, he who dares!!!

  • I hold. Decent pb, probably future transfer. Club and international europe days to come.
    If more traders come in jan I expect him to be gobbled up by any data based buyers.

  • Wait for the winter break drop before jumping on

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