Your first purchase on FI

  • 27TH FEB 2019 - DAVID NERES @ £1.98 OLD MONEY SO I GUESS £0.66p

  • June kulusevski 51p

  • £10 deposit, one week trial:


  • 4th November 2018 4 joe Gomez 86p

  • 17th May Dan James £1.93

  • 1st of April 2019 - Paulo Gazziniga - 21p x 100.

    Also sucked in by the risers list. Despite thinking for months about joining FI, having a mental shopping list of about 30 players, including England youth, loan players, transfer prospects and injured players my first purchase was from the top of the risers list. Sold for a small loss.

    Second purchase from the same deposit was Ajer at 37p and I still hold.

  • first deposited £10 in jan 2017 (obvs now with hindsight wish i went balls deep then) played around with it but decided it wasnt for me

    0_1575298928668_Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 14.56.13.png

    came back july 2018 and used the £500 risk free offer but again still didnt realise the potential

    0_1575299018819_Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 14.58.16.png

    back again jan this year to take it seriously this time, total deposits £16k port value £22,450

    0_1575299106414_Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 15.03.53.png

  • @nicky540 F***ing hell, you got Zaha for 23p in current money basically.

    Those £4.76 in shares would now be worth £49.77... imagine if you just bought £100 of them (i.e. 435 shares these days) and left it there - that £100 would now be £1030.95.

    And think how many players have done even better than that since January 2017.

  • 10 x Aleksandr Mitrovic at 86p 10.04.18

  • @Lukeroro incidentally, also bought Ronaldo that day at 9.70. He's actually cheaper, even after the share split. Shows how cheap he is now! Just a rack of dividends that aren't noted!

  • 0_1575301216233_upload-d6407654-79e0-430a-8d2a-2c7c7a2ae21a

    Had no idea what I was doing but surprisingly still would've made over 100% CA over 12 months had I put all my future deposits into these at the time (Slightly better than my actual profit % with tonnes of research and index knowledge).


    Just added a few of my early 'big' purchases to the queue to free up funds - going to miss seeing these in my port but have to free up funds to top up on someone who i'm almost certain will give me +50% in the next 6 months.

  • 0_1575304000436_Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 16.26.03.png

  • @Feldy 2 share splits since then?

    Trying to figure out todays prices...

  • @Chris-J Only remember one mate, there may well have been two though.

  • June 2019 - Raheem Sterling

    My first and probably my best purchase so far.

  • Thu 09/02/17 - 09:02:41 Purchase Mesut Ozil 17 -£40.12
    Thu 09/02/17 - 09:02:08 Purchase Joe Hart 30 -£33.60

    This is the best thing about the beta site. I checked now, amazing.

  • @Chris-J

    I joined that day as well! I also bought a Jack Grealish. Seeing his price nowadays is slightly annoying. I kept buying him for a long time and bailed out about 5 games into this season 🤮


  • Well i was sure sancho was my first purchase but as it turns out he was my first bulk purchase. Turns out it was Foden. Those prices seem awful high though I remember buying Rashford for less than that 0_1575308669222_BA17770E-D841-4B30-B53D-CAF1BB898894.jpeg

  • 50x Ben Chilwell May 2019. Sold him for pretty much evens when I got twitchy in August... fail! Has more than doubled since!

  • @Black-wolf am I right in thinking that works out at £1.40ish in today’s money? What a steal!

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