Spitballing PL medium price cap app picks

  • Slow day at work and I'm just mulling over a few of my minor PL holds. Any input is appreciated, positive or negative. While I do hold all of these players, I'm not really trying to pump, more so wondering what people believe these players could be capable of in a one month, six month, or one year window.

    Wilfried Zaha (£2.29): I bought in at £1.95 mid November in preparation for his bi-annual transfer strop. His PB victory this weekend was unexpected but welcome, although now I'm left wondering if he's spiking a bit early. I am not expecting another PB from him at all during my hold as his average is 73. My worry is that punters have bought in expecting this to be a regular occurrence from him, and they will dump once they realize Wilf is not a PB player. What do people think? Will he keep rising through January or is he close to peaking?

    Lys Mousset (£0.97): I fear I'm slightly late to the party on Mousset even though he's been in my watch list since October. He continues to put in consistent performances for the Blades and the hope is that he's caught the eye of bigger clubs. I do not expect transfer speculation until summer, but I'm optimistic that he will push for a move if he can continue his good form, while Shef Utd settle into a mid table finish.

    Adama Traore (£1.43): Always rated this lad and happy to see he's steadily rising. I was expecting a big spike and dip after his brace against City, but he seems to have some market resiliency to him. Not expecting much from him in terms of transfer speculation. What do you think his ceiling is?

    John McGinn (£1.88): Seems to have reached his ceiling until more major transfer speculation comes through. I think he will suffer with Grealish being FOTM as any Manchester United rumours are diverted to Jack. Even so, I can see a big move for him materializing in the summer. I do not expect Villa to go down, but if they do, these two will almost certainly move on. If they stay up I can see Villa struggling to hold on.

    Feel free to chime in with any thoughts. Or throw out a few names of your own.

  • Had Mcginn just as all the Grealish talk kicked off. Insta sold this morning and put it in to Grealish...already recouped the loss

  • Mousset is a great all round forward with a very high ceiling. Sheffield United and Wilder will continue improving him. He'll be £1.30 soon and could go plenty higher in the summer. Some very big clubs could come in for him.

  • @JK I sold mousset this morning. Perfect time to sell when everyone is buying. Problem with him is not great PB scores. But no doubt he will grow further as he keeps banging in the goals.

  • He should have the odd good PB day, he's creating endless opportunities as well as scoring and should also get a number of assists. Always unlikely to challenge for PB wins while at United, granted. But then again he's a centre forward so he's bound to struggle on that front.

  • Trossard looks too good to stay at Brighton for long. (needs to prove prem LG fitness though)

    Fraser, surely moving on in jan or summer to a bigger club.

    Aaron's, not sure if any bigger clubs need a rb, but he looks decent.

  • Fraser could be £2 with decent transfer rumours he looks certain to leave Bournemouth.
    If he can get his assist record going again like last year he is a great buy.

  • I've bailed on Zaha at £2.39. It's pretty clear with Milivojevic rising at the same time that his spike is just people taking a punt on the silver match day tonight and I'd rather take my safe 44p per share profit than play that lottery.

    Watch him prove me wrong now!

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