Paul Pogba

  • With Solskjaer confirming he hopes to have Pogba or McTominay back this week, now is the time to Jump on Pogba!

    He will be the MB king on his return and then come the Jan transfer Window and then the Summer Transfer and Euro's, now is the last chance I feel to jump on at his low price post injury. It's only going to go up from here. I can see him hitting the high £7's, maybe even touching the £8 like he once did

    Jumped on myself purchasing 25 futures. I'm currently offloading some Brandon Williams Futures in order to purchase several more.

    If he just hits the low £7's, that's an immediate £25 profit, But I'm defo going to try and ride his Divs for a while.

  • Great time for him to come back and be there savior or Ole gets sacked. Both will lead to some decent media divs

  • Still a gamble and one that might burn quite a few fingers. Pogba’s future hangs very much in the balance. For me, he is not worth investing in until after the January transfer window. I currently hold 250. If he does reach around £7, I will be selling without question and put it all on Messi or Neymar. Good luck to all who decide to invest in Pogba right now.

  • @Sol so you’re going to invest in Messi and Neymar post January??? Going by sentiment here that would be detrimental to your port, it seems most people will be looking to offload Messi and Neymar around March with the money going into Euro 2020 players

  • My take on it is
    There are 100's of players who are more likely to rise by 50% in the next few months than Pogba rising to over £9

    MB was Pogba's biggest draw in times gone past, however it is much more of a lottery now and the days of players winning for weeks on end have passed, added to the fact that he no longer has the Mourinho factor as well as the increasing likelihood that he will be off in the summer puts him in the high risk category i believe.

    A lot of current holders will be looking to use any potential spike to get out before he becomes just another £4-5 half decent central midfielder playing abroad.

  • @Gregolocky I realise there will be a drop. After the euro’s there will be a larger rise than ever before. I will hold both neymar and Messi during that time. Getting back in during the scramble to get a decent price isn’t worth it in my view.

  • @Sol fair enough, can see Messi dropping to bout £5 come end of season though

  • @Gregolocky definitely. With his age being a factor, I can see him winning more media next season than ever before. I do however believe a player of his brilliance will not hang his boots up until at least 35.

  • @Gregolocky with the big advertising push that may not be the case it will be market growth versus the sell off. Many new members may decide to buy the best player in the world or maybe they wont. Its hard to predict what will happen in an ever growing market. We do know people plan to sell but what we dont know is how many plan to buy

  • @Black-wolf Agreed. With the new advertising campaign set to go soon, Messi might not even drop anywhere near the figures people have forecast in the past. There will be a drop, but I reckon it will be minimal - especially when you consider almost 60% or even 70% chance of winning PB every time he plays. Been saying it for ages, but I (and Adam Cole also) believe Messi is the safest and most profitable hold on Football Index.

  • And just like that, Pogba is up 45p

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