£250 to spend...

  • So I've nearly £100 in the 'FI kitty' and about to put my Messi's in the sell que so will have circa £250 to lump on someone.

    Can I please have your thoughts on the players below? Will be looking at circa 30 shares in each of whoever I choose;


    Looking for CA mainly and also thinking Euros.

  • I'd be looking at the bottom 2....

    The top 3 have had big rises already so feel you could be buying at the wrong time.

  • All 5 I would say are good choices, (full disclosure I also own all 5) but my 2 at moment would be Fernandes and Grealish due to transfers and Euros. It won't be long till Grealish gets called up and the only negative for Fernandes is non pb league, but between his involvement in Europe, euros and transfer and I wouldn't think he'd suffer from the christmas drop.

  • I think I would hold Messi over all of those. You've somewhat missed the boat on the top 3. Of course, there's every chance Grealish and Alli have another £1 of rise in them, but it's a gamble as they could just as easily tank back to their prices before the FOTM craze.

    The consensus seems to be that dropping Messi in preparation for the Euros is correct and the market is certainly going to tank his price in the coming months, but I guarantee you, if you stick with him, you will see consistent dividend returns right through to the end of the season. A certain forum member regularly advocates doing the opposite of what the market does, and that's the plan I'm sticking to with Messi.

  • Hold Messi. Invest that £250 in Messi. He will still be playing top form for another 2 years and not to mention will return you more dividends than any other player on the index. Selling now is foolish. Be bold, hold 😉

  • @DillyDong to quote your avatar: ‘oooooo yeah - dig it!!’

  • My head is saying go towards Fernandes as from a none PB league with transfer spec is probably a no brainer. I do hold some already but think I'll top up on him and grab a 'few' Grealish & Sensi along the way.
    I could always jump back on Messi come the inevitable summer dip when he has no football.

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